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PropellerAds Media Buyer Certification: Become a Certified Expert

Propeller ads media buyer certification.

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The only way to become assured in your knowledge and skills is to get confirmation from a professional community. Indeed, how else can you understand if you are using PropellerAds tools to the fullest extent if you don’t check it? 

This is the first time PropellerAds holds an official certification for media buyers and affiliates.

The results of this exam are acknowledged by the media buying community and prove your expertise. After passing it successfully, you get a confirmation from PropellerAds – a digital certificate – that shows your professional level in PropellerAds platform usage and traffic purchasing.

And the best thing: passing certification is free

So, whether you are totally assured that you know the PropellerAds ad platform inside out or not – our certification test is worth your attention. 

Currently, the certification is available for Gold and Platinum account holders

What is PropellerAds Media Buyer Certification?

The Media Buyer Certification is a test that includes 23 questions about the PropellerAds Self-Serve platform, as well as its tools and features usage. You validate your proficiency and earn a digital certification badge from PropellerAds when you pass it successfully. 

The questions cover topics such as campaign creation and optimization, ad formats and their connection to your advertising goals, precise targeting, campaign results analysis, auto-optimization instruments usage, and PropellerAds’ policy rules.

PropellerAds - What exam looks like
What the exam looks like

Reasons to Pass the Media Buyer Certification

Here are the main benefits you can expect after passing the certification:

  • Shareable certification badge: not only do you get a digital badge, but you can also share it with your professional community on social networks and showcase your expertise. For example, you can share it in your LinkedIn profile, and your chances to gain more professional contacts will definitely grow. Find sharing instructions here
  • Improve your skills: define your weak and strong sides to launch even more profitable campaigns.  
  • Be ahead of the curve: after passing certification, you will get a priority from PropellerAds and become one of the first partners to learn and try new features and instruments in our platform.

Who Can Pass This Certification?

To start, you must be registered with PropellerAds. Simply log into your Gold or Platinum account, pass the certification, and receive your digital badge if you manage to get the required score (75% and higher). 


Make sure to add your PropellerAds account email here:

propellerads-adding details (email) to pass the certification

So, the time has come to take another step, validate your knowledge, and enjoy your full participation in the media buying community.

Good luck!


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