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Explore Our New Priority Program… with Perks for Members

propellerads - Propeller-Priority program benefits

We are jubilant to announce the launch of our FIRST EVER benefits program for advertisers – Propeller Priority!

We were busy creating a program that would fairly reward our most devoted members.

Get ready for personalized offers, opportunities to enjoy even faster service, additional, members-only features, and access to exclusive events and promos.

Sounds exciting, right?

How does Propeller Priority work?

The program works to reward repeat customers and includes 4 tiers, which are determined based on spending. Here are these levels:

  • Green – the monthly spend from $0 to $500.
  • Silver – the monthly spend from $500 to $5000
  • Gold – the monthly spend from $5000 to $15000
  • Platinum – the monthly spend from $15000+

To access your membership benefits, log into your Advertiser’s account, and check the “Propeller Priority” tab.

Each membership category includes a unique set of benefits that unlocks within 2 days from the time the required spend is reached.

How to get enrolled in the program?

No extra steps are required to join the program: you get the benefits automatically once you qualify for a certain level.

We decided to make it as easy as it gets, so you have no chance to miss out on the great opportunities we offer.

How long do Propeller Priority privileges last?

We aim to support active clients, that’s why we have extended the downtime to 30 days for Silver level, 60 days for Gold level, and 90 days for Platinum level.

For example, if you’ve reached the Silver level, but after, your monthly spend has dropped below $500; you will return to Green level after 30 days.

Things to remember

  • The Propeller Priority membership connects you to the global community of affiliates and advertisers – grow your network through private meetups and special events.
  • Professionals can get customized targeting settings – make your campaigns even more precise.
  • Members gain access to exclusive promos and services – working with Propeller is profitable!

Propeller understands that even a little help goes a long way in the stormy seas of affiliate marketing. We hope you enjoy the program we’ve designed.

Do you have suggestions? We would be really happy and grateful if you could share them with us! And, finally, we plan to roll out more features! Make sure to check the emails and our Telegram chat.


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