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Interests Targeting: Insights You Should Put to Work [+Stats]


Of course, you already know that precise and well-adjusted targeting means a lot for your campaign success. Actually, it is half the battle. Whether you launch a new offer or continue working with a tested one, targeting is something you should focus on. Relevant users ensure conversions, and therefore – cash in your pocket.

Today, we are going to reveal some insights regarding our advanced targeting feature, PropellerAds Audiences, and ways to make the most of it. In this post, you will find step-by-step instructions, hints, and the most delicious – statistics. 

What is PropellerAds Audiences? 

PropellerAds Audiences is a fresh feature developed by our team to make your campaigns precise and profitable. With this targeting instrument, you can reach users with certain interests – Sports, Shopping, Utilities, Finance, iGaming, Giveaways, or Dating. Also, you are welcome to set the relevant demographics, like gender (male or female) and age (18-29, 30-49, 50+). 

All of these settings serve to help you reach users already interested in what you have to offer. These are custom audiences compiled by interests and demographics, so you just have to choose relevant settings for your campaign. That’s all.

How to use PropellerAds Audiences for your campaign?

The best strategy for campaigns with custom audiences is:

First, launch a test campaign without any audiences and see if it brings results above average. 

Second, test your campaign with one of the custom audiences relevant to your offer. The idea is to test one audience per campaign – this way, you will evaluate and compare their performance with your offer easily. 

Try testing various combinations leaving one of the elements unchanged. For example, aim at one user group by interests, choosing a certain gender and age. Then test the same interests group with another gender/age option. Compare the results to find the most optimal combination for your particular offer.  

Also, you can test different user activity groups – Low, Medium, and High. These groups are available in your PropellerAds account. 

Third, stick to optimization. Focus on the winning combinations and exclude targeting settings that didn’t work for you. 

Crucial points to consider

Let’s move to the most interesting part – the recipe of successful work with custom audiences. Here is what to keep in mind:

  • Different audiences for one offer

Logically, you should start your first campaign with an audience relevant to your offer. This makes sense. Say, a Sweepstakes offer always works well for the audience interested in Sweepstakes – that’s pretty obvious. Let’s take a look at the example:

Here is the preview:

And here is the main creative:

This campaign was launched for different types of audiences + without custom audiences. So here are the numbers:

Giveaways is the audience interested in Sweepstakes. As you can see, this campaign brings the highest CTR compared to the other ones. But let’s also take a closer look at the Shopping audience – it seems like these users are also interested in Sweepstakes, since this campaign has a high CTR, too. 

As we have found out from statistics, there are more beneficial scenarios here. Users interested in Finance might be also interested in Sweepstakes, so showing your offer to them can be fruitful, as well. And we have an interesting example:

  • Offer type: Finance offer (credit cards)
  • GEO: MX
  • Platform: Android 
  • Ad format: Classic Push
  • Language: ES

The offer preview looks this way:

Here is the creative: 

The most interesting part comes next. The statistics: 

propellerads - interests targeting - case study

Credit cards are related to the Finance vertical, so we expect to see the highest CTR for this particular audience. At the same time, we can see that Giveaways and iGaming audiences perform even better than a matching one.

The reason for that is simple: users from our custom audiences are active when it comes to clicks. And sometimes, their interests cross. Just think about it – people are fond of Finance offers and also like playing games. And those interested in Giveaways really like gifts and prizes, so why don’t they react to freebies and special offers in Finance or eCommerce? You’ve got that.  

  • Traffic amount 

Remember – the traffic estimator is your best friend when it comes to custom audiences. Make sure to check if there is enough traffic for a certain group of users before launching a campaign. 

  • User Activity groups

User Activity groups matter, as well. Divide your campaigns regarding these groups and aim at one per campaign. 

  • Increase bid 

We bet that you want more conversions and cash. If so, make sure to increase the bid for your campaign with PropellerAds Audiences. Bids for such campaigns should be higher than those for basic ones – this way, you will get more traffic and better results. 

Traffic for custom audiences is limited and numerous other affiliates want to have it. That’s why you should increase the bid to beat the competition. In addition, for a higher price you get motivated and valuable users. And don’t forget that our platform can recommend the most optimal rates to apply, so you will never be confused about the numbers.

Verticals, gender, and age groups: which of them match?

To help you make your first steps with PropellerAds Audiences, we did research and checked how different interest groups work with age and gender categories. Let’s dive into the stats again:


The best performing age: 18-29

Men and women react equally 

Audience categoryCTR
Interests-based: Giveaways + Men0.436
Interests-based: Giveaways + Women0.436
Interests-based: Giveaways + 18-290.458
Interests-based: Giveaways + 30-490.416
Interests-based: Giveaways + Men 30-490.426
Interests-based: Giveaways + Men 18-290.464
Interests-based: Giveaways + Women 18-290.466
Interests-based: Giveaways + Women 30-490.415
Interests-based: Giveaways + 50-800.429
Interests-based: Giveaways + Men 50-80 0.43
Interests-based: Giveaways + Women 50-80 0.453


The best performing age: 18-29 and 30-49

Men and women react equally

Audience categoryCTR
Interests-based: Dating + Men 0.388
Interests-based: Dating + 18-290.406
Interests-based: Dating + 30-490.382
Interests-based: Dating + Men 18-290.405
Interests-based: Dating + Men 30-490.387
Interests-based: Dating + Women 18-29 0.42
Interests-based: Dating + Women 30-490.388
Interests-based: Dating + 50-800.399
Interests-based: Dating + Men 50-800.401
Interests-based: Dating + Women 50-800.418


The best performing age: 18-29 and 50+

Men and women react equally

Audience categoryCTR
Interests-based: Finance + Men0.404
Interests-based: Finance + 30-490.382
Interests-based: Finance + 18-290.423
Interests-based: Finance + Men 30-490.398
Interests-based: Finance + Men 18-290.431
Interests-based: Finance + Women 30-490.38
Interests-based: Finance + Women 18-290.431
Interests-based: Finance + 50-800.403
Interests-based: Finance + Men 50-800.415
Interests-based: Finance + Women 50-800.413


Women: 18-29

Men: 30-49

Audience categoryCTR
Interests-based: Utilities + 18-290.457
Interests-based: Utilities + 30-490.428
Interests-based: Utilities + 50-800.391
Interests-based: Utilities + Men 18-29 0.466
Interests-based: Utilities + Men 30-490.474
Interests-based: Utilities + Men 50-800.415
Interests-based: Utilities + Women 18-29 0.492
Interests-based: Utilities + Women 30-490.422
Interests-based: Utilities + Women 50-800.402


Women: 18-29, 30-49, and 50+ 

Men: 50+

Audience categoryCTR
Interests-based: Shopping + 30-490.272
Interests-based: Shopping + 18-290.298
Interests-based: Shopping + Women 18-290.333
Interests-based: Shopping + Men 18-29 0.287
Interests-based: Shopping + Men 30-490.282
Interests-based: Shopping + Women 30-49 0.32
Interests-based: Shopping + Women 18-290.357
Interests-based: Shopping + Men 18-29 0.296
Interests-based: Shopping + 50-800.318
Interests-based: Shopping + Men 50-80 0.343

Now you are armed with truly useful insight. Try all of these combinations out and make your campaigns more profitable with custom audiences!  

How to set your targeting with PropellerAds Audiences?

Nothing is easier than that. Just a couple of steps and you are there:

  • Log into your account;
  • Click the Create Campaign tab;
  • Scroll a bit to find the Audiences feature in the Targeting Section;
  • Specify the parameters – Interests, Gender, and Age.

That’s all, you are ready to roll. With these pro-tips at hand, you will get the most of your campaign. Try PropellerAds Audiences to start working with the most relevant and highly converting users! 

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