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PropellerAds Audiences in Action: Case Study + Statistics


PropellerAds Audiences is our brand new feature for accurate targeting. With its help, you get access to custom audiences compiled by users’ interests, age, and gender

Currently, the feature is available for:

  • Bidding models: CPC, CPM, CPA Goal

To make your targeting brilliant, you just need to choose the right settings in the convenient interface:

propellerads - interest and demographic targeting

Voila! Additional targeting opportunities can make your campaigns spot-on.

It’s no secret that the most relevant users are more likely to click and convert. So show your offers to people willing to see them! Isn’t it a sterling opportunity for every advertiser? 

Well, you must be already intrigued. How about discovering the way PropellerAds Audiences work in practice? Before you get started with this new targeting tool, make sure to read this case study and arm yourself with some fruity insights. 

Learn how PropellerAds Audiences helped our partner make his campaign more precise and therefore – successful. Check the stats, enjoy tips, and get inspired! Roll in!

Campaign details

So, let’s start with a brief campaign description:

  • Ad format: Classic Push
  • Offer type: Sweepstakes 
  • Lead cost: initial lead – $0.42; increased to – $0.48
  • Period: 19th of March – 31st of May

Our partner picked one of the most popular verticals – Sweepstakes. He used a classical creative for a pre-lander: 

propellerads - sweepstake

As you know, pre-landers are important – they have the potential to help you raise CR. And now take a look at the screenshot – there is a pretty simple and appealing image of a gift, so common for Sweepstakes offers.

The gift pic is associated with something you usually get for free and… mostly, for nothing. Which is a great and super-relevant hook, especially when you work with Sweepstakes!

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of pre-landers, check our article

And pay attention to the text: “You have been chosen to win a fantastic prize”. The words “chosen” and “fantastic” are pretty strong – they evoke emotions and trigger actions. Make sure to make your messages as appealing as this one.   

Here comes another creative used for the campaign: 

propellerads - interest targeting example

The text is Indonesian and it is translated as “We are trying to contact you…” The icon with a small gift suggests that something really pleasant is waiting for the user. And the entire notification looks neat, decent, and trustworthy. It’s hard not to click! 

The previous screenshots already tell you a bit about the campaign targeting. The time has come to reveal the details!

Targeting specifics 

Targeting is the main focus of our today’s case study, so let’s go deeper. Our partner adjusted the targeting settings this way:

GEO: Indonesia 
Format: Classic Push
Platform: Android, Mobile
Daily budget: $500 
Bidding Model: CPA Goal

Now let’s get things straight and discuss the ideas behind such settings. The chosen GEO is Indonesia, a Tier 2 country. It is a fruitful field for Sweepstakes – this vertical converts really well there. The locals are pretty much excited about this type of offer since it is relatively new for them. 

Also, our partner did a smart thing and translated one of his creatives to Indonesian – this makes the offer clear and relevant. 

Classic Push was chosen as an ad format since it brings a significant amount of traffic when combined with the PropellerAds Audiences feature. 

As for the platform, Indonesians prefer using mobile Internet more than desktop, while Android is a more common OS for Tier 2 countries than iOS. 

Okay, let’s move straight to the tool’s performance. 

And now PropellerAds Audiences steps on the stage

As you may know, the PropellerAds platform allows you to target users by their activity: high, medium, and low. This feature was here before PropellerAds Audiences and our partner decided to make use of both. Good shot! 

For his test, our partner launched a number of tests for one offer. These were three separate campaigns for each user activity level. Important details:

  • One custom audience per campaign 
  • One creative per campaign 

Such limitations are crucial for testing – they allow you to make right conclusions about your strategies. Choosing one audience and testing one creative at a time, you can see what really works for these particular users. As such, you save your budget and avoid overspending. 

As you remember, our vertical was Sweepstakes. And two interest-based audiences were:

  • Giveaways
  • Finance 

At this step, you should mind the way your vertical matches your offer. Sweepstakes evoke interest in people who like giveaways, free stuff, and gifts. That is why, in case they actively react to Lotteries, they will definitely like this kind of offer. And click it. 

People interested in the Finance sphere are also attracted by various specials. They might be fond of crypto or loans, which means that they don’t mind taking a chance. And also – they are definitely interested in getting something nice without any extra effort. 

Why don’t you adjust your targeting with PropellerAds Audiences and give people what they are looking for? 

What do statistics say?

So, we’ve got three campaigns without PropellerAds Audiences feature, and then Interest-based ones – three for Giveaways and the same amount for Finance (for high, medium, and low user activity levels). Here is what we’ve got.

High user activity level: 

propellerads - interests - stats 1

Highly engaged users convert well in any case, so we don’t see any significant CR leaps here. But take a look at CTR that skyrocketed fivefold! Without PropellerAds Audiences, it was 1.77%, but as we added interests, we received 5.78% for Giveaways and 5.91% for Finance. Interesting, right? 

Medium user activity level: 

propellerads - interest - stats 2

The medium activity group shows a bit higher CR and a significantly boosted CTR. Without PropellerAds Audiences, CTR was 0.34%, but with additional targeting, it increased to 1.41% for Finance and 1.48% for Giveaways. 

Low user activity level: 

propellerads - interest targeting - cs-stats 3

The least active users group targeted by interests shows a pretty nice CTR gain – about two times higher than a no-audience one. We had 0.57% without PropellerAds Audiences and then – 1.21% for Giveaways and 1.17% for Finance when the feature was active. 

Summing up

Targeting is king for any campaign. Why don’t you add a bit more royalty into yours? Well, as you can see from the successful case study above, PropellerAds Audiences is the right feature to make your campaigns more focused and therefore – more profitable. Here is what we conclude from our partner’s experience and stats:

  • All campaigns based on the interests show a significant CTR gain
  • Low and Medium users groups also show a better CR;
  • Interests-based targeting brings more quality traffic due to highly engaged audiences involved.

In this case study, we compared and evaluated the way the same Sweepstakes offer works with and without the PropellerAds Audiences feature. First, we checked its performance without interest-based targeting and then tested it for users interested in Giveaways and Finance. 

To get more objective data, we analyzed the results for different user groups based on their activity levels (low, medium, and high). As you can see, the PropellerAds Audiences feature ensures additional traffic boost whenever activated.  

So, using this tool is a great idea for everyone willing to expand and optimize their campaigns. This means that even if your current campaign performs well, you can make it even more profitable by adding interest-based groups. If the results don’t gladden you at the moment, our new feature will be twice as useful. 

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