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New Feature: Auto Creatives Generated with ML for Top Performance

We present Auto Creatives - a new machine-learning based feature that will save your time! Try automatically added Push creatives now!

Top 7 push notifications ad networks choosing the right one.
Push Traffic

Top-7 Best Push Ad Networks

How to choose the best push ad network and what to keep in mind? Read this top-7 checklist of worthy networks and make a wise choice

best verticals and offers
Push Traffic

Best Verticals & Offers for Push Ads in 2024

Which verticals are the best for Push ads in 2024? We have some statistics and insights to share, so that you make the right choice

push or popunder
Tutorials for Beginners

Push Ads or Popunder Ads? This, and many Other Answers for Affiliate Newbies

Discover answers to Push vs. Popunder strategies & optimize your affiliate campaigns. Explore this & other crucial insights for success!

in-page push tricks
In-Page Push

Become the Master of In-Page Push Traffic: Tips & Tricks

In-Page Push (IPP) is the type of traffic within your push campaigns that allows you to target more platforms, including iOS and Mac OS

ready icons pack
Push Traffic

320 Free Icons for Your Push Notifications: Ready Packs for the Top Verticals

We released a free pack with icons for Push notifications. The pack contains 320 icons for the top verticals, best compatible with Push traffic

in-page push faq
In-Page Push

Everything You Need to Know About In-Page Push Ads [FAQ]

Time to organize your knowledge about In-Page Push ads and In-Page Push traffic. Read our FAQ and learn everything about in-page push advertising!

what you don't know about utilities
Guest Expert

You Didn’t Know That About Utility Offers: Interview with David Long

We prepared the insights about Utility offers — thanks to our special guest David Long who shared his secrets of running Utility campaigns

push notification strategy
Push Traffic

Push Notifications Ads Strategy: Create a Push Campaign That Will Convert

Today, we’ll discuss how to set a Push Notification campaign to get the attention your product deserves and rise above social media algorithm

PropellerAds_push_strategy_for_aff_marketers_brands image
Push Traffic

Push Strategies for Brands and Affiliates: Monetization Cases Explained + Pro Tips

Discover brand and affiliate push strategies with monetization cases and expert tips for maximizing revenue. Learn the best practices today!

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