Sometimes, you might be unaware of the mistakes you do, weak spots you have, and insufficient strategies you use. Things go wrong, you feel confused, repeat the same scenario, and feel confused again.

Finally, you will get out of that vicious circle – we have prepared a free guide on ad optimization, full of tips, secret recipes, professional insights, and practical advice. Grab it now and get your campaigns rolling!

We are going to talk about:

  • Successful start: pricing models, ad formats, targeting 
  • Ideas on creatives and how to test them
  • The most essential optimization tips: how to detect and fix unobvious mistakes?
  • What to do if you don’t have traffic at all?

A successful campaign is never natural-born – they really need attention, analysis, and improvements! Grab this guide and discover numerous recommendations on how to reanimate your previous campaigns and avoid mistakes in the future. 

And the best part: this guide is absolutely free to download. So wait no longer – get it now and become a dexterous affiliate today! 


While being a do-all writer, Mariia has composed thousands academic, technical, and promotional texts. Digital marketing, ad networks, and trends of CTV advertising are her latest passion. Lately, the author has investigated the ecosystem of AdTech from both sides – publishers’ and advertisers’, so she knows the ropes of efficient monetization and will gladly share a pack of magical recipes with you. Mariia also loves studying Chinese, drawing, and taking street photos.