This is the first major release after introducing our vision of the PropellerAds multisource advertising platform. It is a big step for us as we commit to delivering more platform updates that will improve your experience, ad performance, and cost efficiency.

And we keep our promise! 

So, imagine this: you work with the CPC model, but you don’t need to spend sleepless nights monitoring the best-performing zones. You no longer waste time and budgets on less relevant zones — and never miss the right ones.


Meet SmartCPC, a new bidding model for Classic Push and In-Page Push!

Before, auto optimization was available with SmartCPM and CPA Goal tools, while CPC implied hard manual work. Now we added SmartCPC and so expanded our set of auto-optimization products.

It eases the optimization of Classic Push and In-Page Push campaigns thanks to automated zone management.

The main advantage of SmartCPC is that it allows you to switch to automated zone management and purchase traffic at a 20%-30% lower price.

How Does It Work?

SmartCPC is a unique algorithm built with the second price auction in mind that helps you to simplify the bid selection process and save you money.

It allows you to select the top bid you are willing to pay for a click, leaving more granulated bidding to the PropellerAds system.

Here is how it looks step-by-step:

  1. 1. New campaign. You create your campaign with the SmartCPC bidding model and just add your top CPC bid and creatives!
  1. 2. Testing period. During this period, our algorithms are learning and adjusting for a particular offer’s performance and its CTR to evaluate the expected clicks generated and its pricing properly.
  1. 3. Auto-optimization. After a testing period, the SmartCPC model begins to show your ads only on the placements where traffic cost doesn’t exceed your top CPC bid set in the campaign. This way, some of the placements will be even cheaper, meaning higher efficiency of your campaign compared to the traditional CPC!
This is the first major release after introducing our vision of the PropellerAds multisource advertising platform. It is a big

This way, you avoid overspending on the zones where the real price of the traffic is lower than your top CPC bid, which in turn saves time on bid optimization, blacklisting, and analysis.

Moreover, since bidding is dynamic, the campaign will also be properly adjusting to the competition, traffic fluctuations, day parting, and other factors affecting the traffic volume and performance. It means your campaign will always be set up optimally, leaving more time for other important tasks. 

SmartCPC is available for Push and In-Page Push traffic.

Why Should I Try SmartCPC?

Well, it saves your time, effort, and money — isn’t it enough? 

Here is what you will STOP doing when you switch to SmartCPC from the classical CPC:

  • Struggling with bid selection – no need to worry about the chosen bid as every zone will be billed according to the current competition and traffic performance, hence the actual traffic price.
  • Monitoring zones – the model will automatically adjust prices and volumes both for current zones and new zones going forward – making it headache-free in the long term.
This is the first major release after introducing our vision of the PropellerAds multisource advertising platform. It is a big

And it’s not just about your convenience — when you control your zones manually, you might face two big issues:

  • It may take much time and money before you discover a low-performing zone
  • You can switch off a doubtful zone that might become profitable later

With SmartCPC, you’ll avoid both.

How to Use SmartCPC?

The new model is already in your account on the self-service platform:


And this is a campaign example where you can clearly see how SmartCPC works: 

  • A user launches a SmartCPC campaign and sets a top bid of $0,2
  • SmartCPC makes the bid change depending on a zone
  • The bid never exceeds $0,2

Can’t wait to see you try it — and wait for more updates soon —  this is just the beginning.


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