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Rely on SmartCPC and Watch the Revenue Grow: 200% ROI Boost in 1 Month

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Are you an affiliate marketer who’s thinking about how to achieve profitable ROI in the shortest time frame? 

If the answer is yes – you are in the right place.

We prepared a case study from an AffLift user who set this to be his main goal, along with driving maximum conversions for the Play Games offer in the Tier 3 GEOs, and profiting from push subscribers.

The “jaswinder” – Afflift forum member who stands behind this success story said:

“As an affiliate marketer, finding the right offer and the best traffic source to promote that offer can be challenging. However, with proper research and strategy, it is possible to achieve success.”

And he was absolutely right.

In this case, the winning equation was this: PropellerAds with its SmartCPC bidding model + ProPush for extra monetization!

Now let’s take a closer look at the campaign and assess each move.

How It All Started: Why PropellerAds?

Before the client decided to start working with PropellerAds and using ProPush Smart Tag, his daily conversions limit was 500. And in terms of having meaningful profit, this was not enough.

So the affiliate conducted extensive research, as he explained himself, trying to establish the best traffic source for the Play Games offer (a mobile game service based on subscription), in Tier 3 GEOs (developing countries, consumers with low purchasing powers).

The choice fell on PropellerAds to be the traffic source due to its high-quality traffic, but also excellent performance for this particular Tier.

Additionally, he knew he wanted to chase extra profits with ProPush, and why wouldn’t he? Bonus earnings from push subscribers collected from the traffic at his landing page could increase the overall profits and cover part of the campaign’s expenses.

Ad Format and Settings: Push & SmartCPC Combo

Given the fact Push ads have been known to generate high-quality traffic for offers like Play Games, they became the ad format of the client’s preference.

Another important thing – marketer opted to use the SmartCPC bidding model, a relatively new feature launched by PropellerAds that automatically adjusts the bid based on the performance of the ad campaign.

And that right there was the best call the client could make. For two reasons:

#1 The combination of Push Notifications and SmartCPC resulted in high-quality traffic

#2 The client was thrilled with SmartCPC ad campaign because he didn’t have to do any optimization

“I’m a big fan of SmatCPC bidding model after this campaign. I’m impressed with how it helped me. I didn’t have to apply any optimization, I never even touched my campaign, no zone was blocked by me, no need to adjust bidding to stay on the top to get more traffic. All the work was done by SmartCPC technology.” 

The Ad Campaign Results: More Than 200% ROI

This case study won’t be following campaign flow day-by-day, we will focus only on the results that were made in a total of 40 days.

The campaign was launched on March 17 and continued until April 27, 2023 with ongoing success. The results of the campaign were outstanding, with the following key performance indicators:

Offer type: Mobile Content – Games
Ad format: Push Notifications
GEO: Tier 3
Revenue: $621.93
ROI: 206.53%

As you can see, our client reached over $600.000 in revenue in less than one and a half months. And the return on investment (ROI) of 206% came completely unexpected and managed to blow his mind.

The use of PropellerAds’ SmartCPC technology eliminated the need for manual optimization and zone blocking, allowing the affiliate marketer to focus on other important aspects of the campaign.

“The most challenging is finding the correct traffic source with a low bid, all other sources have less traffic, and the cost is much higher than the one offered by PropellerAds. And regarding optimization, I still don’t have to do anything, the SmartCPC bidding algorithm is making the campaign profitable all on its own”, said our client.

Extra Monetization with ProPush

In addition to that, this affiliate achieved extra monetization by adding the ProPush Smart Tag.

Screenshot – ProPush account

Even though the $67 doesn’t seem to be that much, it is actually an impressive number given the campaign was based on Push traffic that is incompatible with the ProPush system.

The thing is, with this combo, subscribers can get a bit overwhelmed with push notifications as they are the main ad format in the campaign, as well as the main resort of gaining extra monetization with 

But not this time. This time it all worked like a charm.


We don’t like to draw conclusions instead of you. We are simply here to present all the facts and let you be the judge of how successful our campaigns are. But false modesty aside – this one was the very proof of two things:

#1 Extra monetization is always possible – don’t give up in advance, do the research, and try out different solutions. Push monetization is a perfect tool to get some extra money and cover at least part of traffic costs without much effort.

#2 You don’t have to do all the work by yourself – our SmartCPC will be the perfect substitute when it comes to campaign optimization

Following these two guidelines, our client’s story resulted in high-quality traffic, which translated into high profitability for the campaign. 

And, the campaign is still running, which is more than enough proof the client is satisfied with what we achieved.

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