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Case Studies

Rely on SmartCPC and Watch the Revenue Grow: 200% ROI Boost in 1 Month

We prepared a SmartCPC ad campaign case study from an AffLift user who wanted to boost ROI, drive maximum conversions

Case Studies

Sweepstakes Offer + ProPush Tag: An Easy Way to Get Extra 30% to Your Profit [Case Study]

Read a successful case study from our partner who added Smart Tag from ProPush on a landing page and started earning 30% more with push ads!

Affiliate Marketing

How to Earn 35% More with Your CPA Offers?

Read about Smart Tag from ProPush and find out how to receive profit from your main offer, plus - from push notifications on your landing page


For Publishers & Affiliates: What is TrafficBack and How Does it Work?

TrafficBack by Propush.me is an innovative way to monetize users, which, for any reason, didn’t want to subscribe to push notifications