Is there anything better for an affiliate marketer than additional profit received with no effort? Guess, not! And we know a way to make additional earnings from your visitors with push subscriptions – it is super-easy. 

Our partners from, a platform for monetizing traffic with push subscriptions, have developed the Smart Tag to boost your profit. With its help, you can receive profit from your main offer, plus – from visitors that allow push notifications on your landing page.

The Tag has the potential to ensure about 35% growth of your income, so why don’t you give it a try?

What is the Tag and how does it work?

The Tag is installed on a landing page. With its help, you can collect subscribers and get extra profit from your traffic.

There are two key revenue models here: CPS (payment for every unique subscriber you bring) and Revshare (earnings you get from ad display). Let’s take a look at an example. So, this is a VPN offer landing page without any tags installed:


This classical VPN landing page will look this way after the Tag installation:


As you can see, there is a small window that offers a subscription for push notifications.

The best thing is that it doesn’t matter if users subscribe or not – they won’t be redirected to another page in any case. 

This means that the flow of your main offer won’t be affected – users will stay on the page able to convert. As a result, the Smart Tag doesn’t influence your main landing page conversions.

Which verticals are included? 

In fact, you can install the Tag on a landing page related to any vertical, including:

And more! The choice is yours. Just remember that doesn’t allow anything related to adult traffic as well as your own subscription offers, so make sure to meet these requirements. 

How to start getting up to 35% of additional profit?

So, what do you need to start enjoying such a simple tool for extra-monetization? Not too much: account

You need to create a account to start. The registration form is not extensive – just a couple of steps and you are there.

A landing page or a pre-lander

Before installing Smart Tag on your landing page, you actually need to have one. Make sure your website starts with HTTPS (the Tag won’t work on the HTTP site). And follow these steps: 

  • Add the link to your site or page to your dashboard
  • Pass moderation and verification
  • Install the Smart Tag 

To set things up, you need access to the landing page file, so that you can add the Tag to the code.

To find out everything about Smart Tag monetization and installation, make sure to read this free Quick Start Guide from

After you do the preparations, the feature will display the opt-in request on that page without distracting visitors from the main content.

Conversion tracking 

Also, you need a conversion tracker to see how your campaign with additional monetization is performing. encourages you to track your conversions and earnings in real-time and see how your campaign is performing. 

Everything you need to know about conversion tracking

Installing the Smart Tag is super-easy and everyone can do that. So, how about getting your additional 35% of profit? Try the Tag and grab your cash!

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