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Sports Campaigns Full Digest: Affiliates Wealth of Knowledge

iGaming sports Digest

The sports topic is really hot this summer. So many amazing events are waiting for fans worldwide! Formula One, UEFA Euro, UFC, rugby, and other striking occasions draw near. But fans are not the only people to rejoice. Did you know how profitable these days are for your ad campaigns? No? Well, then strap yourself in, dear affiliates, it is high time to prepare your money shovel.

We have been discussing the sports topic from many angles for a while. When to start your campaign and how to choose the right GEOs? Which ad formats perform best? Which offers convert during sports events? These and other questions interest every affiliate. 

In this digest, we have gathered top materials related to sports topics.

Here, you will find recommendations, stats and case studies, targeting tricks, and even an interactive calendar. Articles, podcasts, webinars, and guides – a real gold-mine of information is waiting for you below.

So get the ball rolling. 

Case Studies

In this case study, we discuss two prominent campaigns of our partners. Not only do we analyze and explain their decisions in detail, but also give suggestions on how to build your own strategy considering our partners’ success. 

See the creatives, statistics, and get valuable advice on how to launch hot-shot campaigns. Learn from the best examples! 

This article reveals the ninja techniques of event targeting. Find out how to adjust, launch, and optimize your holiday-related and other occasional campaigns, including sports. 

Namely, you will find a great Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov case study in this post. See the stats, check out the creatives, and prepare to repeat this shiny success.

This great case study is devoted to an ad campaign of our partner. He decided to launch his project during the Liverpool VS Tottenham Hotspur match. The ticket giveaway was a really nice strategy and you will see why. 

Again, tables with stats, screenshots of amazing creatives, explanation of his ideas and why they worked – all of this and more is waiting for you in the case!


In this guide, you will find general and straightforward recommendations on how to work with iGaming offers. How to choose them? Why do iGaming offers work great when you promote them during football matches? 

We explain the best practices used by experienced affiliates during the greatest football celebration of 2018 –  the World Cup.

This post was written specifically for our blog by Richard Newman, an attorney at Hinch Newman LLP focusing on U.S. advertising and digital media matters. Willing to learn more about the legal way to promote iGaming? You’re welcome to read the guide.

In this article, you will find information about sports campaigns performance, how to optimize them, and which approaches to take. Get the ideas about the most converting verticals and find out more about the best types of offers to try. 

We will talk about the winning combinations of GEOs, ad formats, and verticals that really work when the sports events are on the roll. Check the numbers and see how daily stats bounce when the right days come. 

Who told you those game tournaments are not sports? They are extremely competitive, super-popular, and… profitable for affiliates. These events are always online, which increases the number of streaming platform visitors. This means that even more eyes can see your eSports-related ads.

Take a look at our guide and find out how huge eSports traffic volumes are. Also, we reveal some targeting specifics, as well as the evergreen game and matches to focus on. We bet that you will be excited. 

Yes, iGaming offers perform best when you promote them during sports matches. This hypothesis has been proved by our partners a thousand times! And this free PDF is a detailed and concise summary on how to work with your iGaming campaign and get the most out of it. 

Find out which ad formats perform better than any other, see the examples of banners that convert like crazy, and read a couple of inspiring case studies. 

Even though the iGaming niche is hard to crack because of high competition, you still have chances to make your ads stand out. A set of engaging creatives is one of the best things you can do for a start. Read our article to know what to keep in mind.


See the best practices of sports advertising by the example of Super Bowl 2019. Our Analytics team analyzed 120 ad campaigns launched during this event and we do have some interesting things to share. 

Check how different GEOs performed, which verticals skyrocketed, which ad formats and platforms were chosen (and why), etc. In addition to numbers, the article also offers examples and some insights on laws and copyright. 


From this free webinar, you will find out everything you need to know about sports events targeting. Which types of matches should you focus on? How to combine the ad formats, master adjust timing and frequency? All in all, how to save your budget and seize the bidding strategies? 

Check stats, get tips on seasonality, spending, devices, and the best GEOs. All packed in one for your pleasure. 


Renz Gonzales, PropellerAds Super Team Leader of the Hunters Group, and Melissa Rudd, 1Win’s Mega Account Manager, will tell you everything they know about iGaming campaigns. And these giants of the industry know a good deal about this tricky topic.

Insights and tips gained from the experience of real professionals will definitely come in handy. Listen to the podcast if you’ve missed the live broadcasting and enrich your knowledge.


And as a dessert – grab this convenient interactive calendar to stay updated about the most interesting upcoming sports events. Move the slider to see which sports occasions will happen soon. Stay tuned without skipping a beat! 

So what are you waiting for? The sports events are around the corner! Grab these materials and create the highest profit strategies this summer!

Have some questions or ideas to discuss? Welcome to our cozy Telegram Chat then!


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