Propeller On Air #8: How to champion iGaming campaigns this summer? [Live Podcast]


Are you looking for your next big hit?

Renz Gonzales, PropellerAds Super Team Leader of the Hunters Group, and Melissa Rudd, 1Win’s Mega Account Manager are getting ready for a Podcast like no other before! 

They’re going live! They’re going Big! And they’re talking about Winning Strategies for this Summer’s Super Sporting Events

All you need to do is register for this Podcast ASAP, and secure your place at this one-of-a-kind event! You’ll get to ask questions! You’ll get to know our speakers! But most importantly: You’ll get your questions answered by two giants of the industry!

Renz is the industry-acclaimed champion of fantastic campaigns, while Mellisa is the know-it-all of 1Win! 

Get all the know-how to kick start this summer’s Sporting Campaigns with style and bling by joining Propeller On Air #8! 

Follow this Podcast: 1st of June, at 3 PM GMT

What you’ll get to discuss with our speakers about:

?Turning uncertainty to your favour and making money after the pandemic

?What to advertise between so many huge sporting events 

?Bidding strategies that will leave your competitors in your dust

?All the betting GEOs you absolutely must target this summer

⚽️Exclusive tips to score big at formats and creatives

?Inside stories, tips, and personal examples on running sports campaigns

And just because we know you’ll have a lot to talk with Renzi and Melissa, we’ll save plenty of time for that throughout the entire Podcast. So don’t shy away and get a part of the talks with Renzi and Melissa. 

Hurry up and sign up, to make sure you’re not left on the outside and get your one-time shot to get some value for your upcoming Summer Sporting Campaigns. 

By the way, you can discuss this podcast and other topics on our Telegram chat. Cool, right?


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