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Tutorials for Beginners

The Most Popular iGaming Marketing Mistakes: Here’s How to Avoid Them

Wanna stop losing money? Stop making the most popular iGaming marketing mistakes. Dive into your campaign strategy and fix what’s wrong.

igaming trends Brazil 2024
Ad Trends

iGaming in Brazil: Forecasts for 2024 [+ Insights from Experts]

Discover expert insights and forecasts for Brazil's iGaming industry in 2024. Stay ahead with expert perspectives and industry predictions

how to run cricket campaigns featured image
Affiliate Marketing

How to Run Cricket Campaigns: Ad Formats, GEOs, and Creatives in Focus

After football, cricket is the most popular sport in the whole wide world. Let’s see how you can profit by running cricket campaigns!

igaming campaigns
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Media Buying Front Kick: How to Run iGaming Campaigns for MMA and Boxing?

Big fight night means big profits — if you run the right MMA and boxing iGaming campaigns. We'll show you how in this quick guide

sporting events calendar
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Sporting Events 2023-2024 for Affiliate Marketers [Interactive Calendar]

Explore lucrative affiliate partnerships for Sporting Events 2023. Join now for exclusive deals and earn big commissions!

propellerads-igaming-traffic-banner image
Affiliate Marketing

Where to Get iGaming Traffic and How To Run Online Gaming and Sports Campaigns

Why do you need to buy iGaming traffic, where to get it, and what else should you know about sports and gaming campaigns?

PropellerAds_sigma_balkans2023 image

Meet, Mingle and More: PropellerAds at SiGMA Balkans 2023

Meet PropellerAds team at SiGMA Balkans 2023! Visit our booth and ask any questions you may have. See you soon in sunny Limassol!

Guest Expert

Masters of iGaming [Interview with Jon, a Professional Media Buyer]

We have something special for you! Check our interview with Jon Garcia, a real iGaming shark working in LATAM for 18 years already

propellerads-lose-money-case-study-afflift image

[Case Study] Let’s Lose Some Money: Collecting Emails for the Future Profits

Another successful case! It's a special one: our partner collected emails, not money — and shared almost every single detail of his efforts

Sports Digest
Industry News

Lucky Number 13: The Biggest Upcoming Sporting Events You Need to Advertise

Sporting Events manage to generate impressive traffic volumes, for various verticals. But which to advertise, from the many?

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