This is going to be yet another crazy-promising year for all sports-related verticals. Since we’re well past the cancellations era, very few events are still postponed. And, as people live for entertainment, there are a lot of upcoming huge events. 

What does the 2021-22 season has up its sleeve? Glad you asked! Apart from regular annual events like Champions & Europa league, national championships, and hot UFC fights, we also have the Beijing Olympics. Along with major Boxing, Hockey, Tennis, Cycling, Rugby, F1, and  countless other events coming up!

But who could ignore the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, NBA, or MLB… and the list goes on!

Obviously, that means we are about to have some insane traffic storms ahead, and a great many opportunities to earn.

To help you navigate through a multitude of events happening (almost) every day, we’ve compiled an interactive calendar featuring all the sporting events that usually perform well for affiliates.

For your convenience, you can see this calendar fullscreen here

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