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5 ways to fail ai creatives
Ad Trends

5 Ways You Definitely Can’t Generate AI Creatives for Ad Campaigns

We have tested AI creative image generators and proudly share with you our most epic failures. Plus tips and tricks for creating images

what you don't know about utilities
Guest Expert

You Didn’t Know That About Utility Offers: Interview with David Long

We prepared the insights about Utility offers — thanks to our special guest David Long who shared his secrets of running Utility campaigns

utilities offers
Tutorials for Beginners

Utilities Offers: Types, Tips, and Targeting + [Case Study]

Launching a Utilities campaign is not an easy thing for beginners. To increase your chances of success, here's what you need to do

sporting events calendar
Ad Trends

Sporting Events 2023-2024 for Affiliate Marketers [Interactive Calendar]

Explore lucrative affiliate partnerships for Sporting Events 2023. Join now for exclusive deals and earn big commissions!

India and utilities
Case Studies

India + Utilities Case Study: Updated Creatives Bring 40,000 Impressions 

Read this utilities case study from our partner who managed to get 40000 impressions for his Indian campaign. Find out how did that!

understanding buyer's journey in affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Straight to a Conversion: Buyer’s Journey in Different Affiliate Marketing Verticals

Let’s discuss different types of user journey and see how they vary around the most popular affiliate marketing verticals

creatives for utilities - how to make them
Tutorials for Beginners

How to Make Converting Creatives for Utilities: Dos and Don’ts

Utilities is a great vertical for pros and beginners. Let's talk about creatives for Utilities campaign and see which work efficiently

Guest Expert

From Fish Startup to Affiliate Marketing: a Head-Spinning Story of Our Partner

Read this interview with Anton Trantin, an affiliate marketer, IT guy, and startupper and learn about his way from a fish startup to advertisement

propellerads sports events boost conversions image
Case Studies

Sports Events: Why Should You Care Even if You’re Not a Buff?

Sports events are perfect for your campaigns since they can boast of incredible popularity, and therefore – potentially bring great revenue

utilities podcast featured image

Propeller On Air Episode #3: Pro Secrets to Running Utilities Campaigns

The 3rd episode is about all things Utilities. The vertical is on the rise - why? And most importantly, how can you take advantage of it?