Propeller On Air Episode #3: Pro Secrets to Running Utilities Campaigns

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Have you missed us? 

We’re back! 

Propeller On Air is back with its 3rd episode! This time, our charismatic host Renz Gonsalez is talking to Anastasia Loseva, Head of Sales at Zeydoo about one of the most mysterious verticals…


There’s been a lot of talk about Utilities in the affiliate community lately since this vertical is clearly on the rise. 

In this podcast, we discussed: 

  • Why are Utilities so popular now? 
  • What types of Utilities does it make sense to run now? 
  • What GEOs respond best to Utilities offers? 
  • What are the best conversion flows
  • What ad formats perform best? 
  • What creatives drive profit to a Utilities campaign? 

…so basically everything you need to know to rock Utilities!

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