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iGaming Creatives: How to Make Them Strike?

iGaming creatives - affiliate campaigns

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iGaming! Such an appealing, but challenging dream-vertical of all affiliates. Is there any chance to beat the competition around this stuffed field? Well, the smart approach, time, and money accommodate all things! And today, we will share some insights about one of the most crucial elements of your future iGaming campaign – creatives.

Sports Just Became More Profitable Than Ever

A well-developed creative can help you communicate with your audience and make your ad impossible to resist. 

Let’s discuss how great visuals and messages can do wonders! Enjoy ideas, examples, and clear instructions – we have a lot to share.

Which images work best for iGaming creatives? 

When working with the iGaming vertical, you can stick to classics. This niche has some standards, and guess what? They really work. 

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So, what might your creatives look like? Let’s discuss some airtight visuals and see why they convert.


Indeed, is there something more relevant for an iGaming campaign than a wonderful creative with sportsmen? How about something as epic as this one:

iGaming creatives - athletes

We can see the glorious moment depicted – the footballer rejoices over a goal. The footballer himself is also a fictional character. This way, every fan can relate, no matter which club is his favorite one.

What is more, the association chain is obvious: excitement > victory > successful bet

As for the text, it is written in Vietnamese, and here is what the phrases mean: 

  • Đăng kí ngay – Register Now (the button)
  • Cá độ bóng đá, nhà cái uy tín – Reputable football betting

Simple and clear. Want to cooperate with a reputable iGaming site? Then just click and register now. 

Creatives like this one are universal and evergreen, you can use them any time, whatever match is on air. Oh, the beauty of universality. 

Flags of playing teams

So, we have discussed the reasons for general creatives to work, but it also makes sense to use pretty concrete ones, those that are relevant to the current match you are aiming at. To engage fans before or during the match, you may use something like this:

propellerads - igaming creatives

Yes, unlike the previous example, this one doesn’t work outside the event you promote – it is seasonal. On the pic, you can see the ad devoted to the match of 2018, FIFA World Cup in Russia, and namely – Portugal VS Spain

It is suggested that users support one of the depicted teams. They will eagerly press the “Place your bet now” button to express their admiration for a favorite football squad. 

Also, using seasonal creatives, mind the GEOs. Logically, fans from Portugal and Spain will eagerly click the ad where their national teams are depicted.

Read this case study and see how to create campaigns occasioned with popular sports events! 


It so happens that creatives with pretty girls are traditional for the iGaming industry. Most sports fans are men, so they cannot omit such photos when scrolling through the site.

What is more, traditionally, girls act as cheerleaders during sports events, so such visuals are 100% to the point. Support, cheer on a favorite team, blast! 
Here is an example: 

Source: 1xBet

Not the least factor – the girl is not just pretty, but she is also wearing a fancy sports outfit! This makes a photo even more relevant. 

As for the text part, here is what we’ve got:

  • Бонус новым игрокам 35 000 KZT – Newcomers’ bonus 35 000 KZT 
  • Хочу бонус – I want the bonus (button)

A couple of words about GEO-relevance. This ad campaign uses the Russian language since it was aimed at Kazakhstan, which used to be a part of the Soviet Union a long time ago.

That’s why most locals speak Russian out there. This language is the second official, after the main one – Kazakh. And our partner considered this a crucial moment when creating a campaign. 

The text claims: users have a chance to get a great bonus – 35 000 KZT (Kazakhstan tenge), which is more than $80! Not bad. 

The button is straightforward and simply represents the natural desire to get some bonus cash. Is there anyone who doesn’t want such a gift? Guess, no. 

As such, the ad combines two extremely appealing elements – a great visual 100% relevant to the niche and a juicy bonus offer. The clear and simple text complements them and makes things look really great.


Focusing on a bonus is a winning idea for an iGaming creative. This vertical attracts people ready to spend a penny, but they also want to win. Bonuses and freebies motivate them to leave their doubts behind!

Bonus potentially reduces risks all iGaming fans know – even though you make a deposit, you also get a bonus, so you are safe.

Here, take a look at a win-win creative:

igaming creatives - bonus

This one is entirely bonus-oriented – nothing distracts users from the main message. We can see a pretty simple but neat decision – no people depicted, no characters – just some sport-related symbols (balls and arena) plus text. Nothing steals the show from the main purpose. 

And this purpose is… promoting a bonus, of course! Let’s see which text was used for the campaign:

  • მიიღე 100₾ ფრიბეთი ყოველდღე – Get your 100₾ bonuses every day
  • დადე ფსონი სპორტის ნებისმიერ სახეობაზე – Bet on any sport

The GEO is GE, Georgia. The chosen phrases are simple, appealing, and clear – you can play iGaming here and receive your everyday bonuses easily. Different sports are available (and we see the balls for soccer, American football, and basketball). 

Mentioning that the bonuses are regular is important and makes things even more interesting for users. They need to know which chances they have! And “every day” sounds prospective.

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Pre-landers can be your curveballs

To make a long story short, pre-landers are so-called transitional pages that appear before your offer and act as an additional pitch of the chain. Some affiliates avoid them, being pretty sure that a supplementary step in the conversion process ends up badly – users simply go off.

That’s not completely true. For some affiliates, pre-landers might not be the best idea, while others enjoy significantly better results when implementing them. It’s all about experimenting!

All we’re saying is that a well-done and relevant pre-lander serves to warm customers up, inform them about the product, and add reliability and value to your offer. 

Which types of pre-landers suit your iGaming campaign? Let’s see.

  • Welcome bonus

Engaging headlines and clear instructions on how to get a bonus serve a great purpose – they guide visitors. A pre-lander can serve as a small explainer of welcome bonus conditions and a mini-guide on how to get one. Take a look:


Large sums and shiny freebies are great, but they evoke impulsive actions. Most people want to know how exactly they can get what they want. 

Such pre-landers soothe the customers – people make well-thought actions and realize what they are going to get and how. For some iGaming fans, it is important to know that they are not too hot-brained and their decisions are conscious. 

  • Quiz 

Small quizzes work great for iGaming offers. Say, you can create an entertaining quiz of knowledge – add a couple of simple questions about a football team, famous players, and significant historical moments.

This way, visitors can have fun and affirm their expertise. In marketing terms, it means building positive relationships with customers and having a dialogue with them.

Catch another quiz idea. It makes sense to add buttons. Like this or something like micro-voting: 

iGaming example

As you can see from the pic, the Push notification engages users to place a bet right away. It’s really hard to resist answering such a question if you are a passionate fan!

Also, you can add texts like: “Which team will kick more goals?” or “Who will win?” Such quizzes allow users to support their favorites and get more engaged in the offer. 

  • Sweepstakes  

Sweepstakes offer a chance to win a prize. When used for the iGaming campaign, giveaways can include everything your customers might be interested in – from gadgets and sports merchandise to bonuses, special offers, and other promotions.

For example, take a look at this win-win creative where Sweepstakes and iGaming  embrace like blood brothers:

iGaming creatives
Source: AffBank

The text is written in Russian and it says: “Turn the wheel and win the prizes! You have two shots.” As users press Go, the wheel rotates and they enjoy a chance to win a really cool bonus.

As a fan of iGaming, your average user likes testing his luck and taking chances. And sweepstakes are all about that. 

By the way, take a look at this case study and find out how to adjust your targeting and reach the right audience with PropellerAds targeting feature

  • Success story

Another classical hook for an iGaming pre-lander is a success story. People like success stories: they can relate to heroes and get inspired by the offer.

When writing such a story about a lucky customer, make sure to mind the specifics of the GEO you work with. Users want to read about their fellow countrymen – this evokes a sense of belonging and relevance. 

Experimenting with different types of pre-landers is a great idea. They do have the potential to boost your campaign performance, especially when you make them relevant and appealing.

And don’t forget that great visuals and texts play significant roles here. As we have already discussed some ideas about the pictures, now let’s move to the messages to convey.

The power of words: which texts convert better? 

One of the main things to consider when writing a text for your iGaming creative is… be laconic. Yes, make it straightforward and short – users should understand what is going on at first glance. This is especially true when you are promoting your offer during some significant match. 

Sports fans are passionate about the game they are watching and their attention is fully grabbed by the event. Your creatives should be strong and quick enough to make them interested. It should only take a fast look to know what your ad is about so that users can decide immediately, click, and get back to the match. 

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Let’s discuss some examples:

The numbers 

Precise numbers are convincing. When promoting an iGaming bonus, make sure to inform people what they are going to get. Add sums – they give you a competitive advantage, especially if they are more appealing than those your rivals offer. On our previous screenshots, we have seen such examples:

  • 100% Bonus up to €100
  • 35 000 KZT for the newcomers 
  • 100₾ Bonuses every day

As you can see, each sum is presented in the cash relevant to the chosen GEO – Europe, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.

That’s important – your users hardly want to waste their time translating the sum into their native currency. Such needless actions might make them leave the page. What is more, irrelevant cash signs can make people think that the residents of their countries cannot participate. 

Call to action 

Motivate your users to accept the offer with an engaging phrase. Explain what exactly they should do in a short and catchy way, like:

  • Register here
  • Sign up, make a deposit, and get your welcome bonus
  • Place a bet now

It’s crucial to be maximally obvious here. Don’t make your users wondering what to do next and asking: “So what?” Be clear! 


As we have discussed above, when using quizzes, you should ask simple but engaging questions. For instance: 

  • Which team is the best?
  • Who will win?
  • Who will get the champion cup?

Once such questions are asked, the hand goes to click a desired answer. And voila – you’ve got the attention and maximal engagement. 


All the elements of your ad must be consistent and give a feel of 100% coherence. The texts should be written in the same style and follow the same idea. Mind the voice and keep things logical. Also, make sure that you always give what you promise – the text should reflect the offer entirely. 

Summing up

Even though the iGaming niche is hard to crack because of high competition, you still have chances to make your ads stand out. A set of engaging creatives is one of the best things you can do for a start. And here is what to keep in mind:

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#1 Pictures: classics do work

Sportsmen, flags, balls, pretty cheerleaders, cups, and other well-known and habitual characters/symbols perform well at all times. 

Remember that some visuals are ever-green – they are pretty abstract and not tied to a particular event. You can use them any time. However, in case you aim at a particular match, your task is to make the creatives correspond to it. 

#2 Pre-landers: warm your visitors up

Adding quizzes, success stories, and sweepstakes to your offer is a great idea. Try experimenting with pre-landers, but make sure not to make them any complicated or long. Especially if your offer is promoted during a match. 

#3 Texts: briefness is your friend

Offering a bonus, make sure to give precise numbers and state the relevant currency (considering the GEO). Explain what is to be done – give some simple instructions or just add a call to action if there is only one step to make. To increase interactivity, you may ask questions and engage your visitors in a dialogue. 

Keep all the text elements of your campaign consistent in terms of style and voice. Be sure that the message represents your offer precisely – no pies in the skies. 

So, are you ready to feel like a real artist? Then grab these tips and make some flashy creatives right now! Have fun and good luck with your campaign!

Also, you can discuss iGaming campaigns in our Telegram Chat. Cool, huh?


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