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CPA Goal for Interstitials: Finance Survey Case Study

propellerads - interstitials x cpa goal

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Many of you already know how amazing Interstitials are. This ad format makes your campaigns really effective due to its interactivity. It can show great results, so if you haven’t used it yet, then the time is now. And, from our experience, this format is perfect when combined with our CPA Goal model. Why? Because it works, that’s why! 

In today’s case study, we are going to discuss a successful campaign of our partner. He did a really great job using CPA Goal for his Interstitials campaign. From this story, you will find out everything about the campaign details, creatives, and the best part – take a look at the stats related to this stellar project. Let’s start.

Why are Interstitials and CPA Goal great to combine?

Unlike Push notifications and other common ad types, Interstitial ads partly cover web pages to capture users’ attention. Even though Interstitials are hard to overlook, they cannot be called intrusive. Users will see your ad after they open the website and spend a while interacting with content. And this is exactly the reason why they perform great and show high CTR and CR

When combined with a CPA Goal auto-optimization tool, Interstitials show their full potential. CPA Goal uses advanced algorithms to analyze performance and define which zones don’t bring you enough traffic. The tool evaluates them accurately and simply excludes inefficient ones. As such, you don’t have to waste your time forming blacklists – CPA Goal knows how to improve your results and save your budget.

Most affiliates use Interstitials for campaign scaling. This way, they improve performance and get more revenue. As you understand, additional ad format in your campaign means additional analysis and optimization. And here is when CPA Goal steps on the stage – with its help, your campaign will skyrocket without any superfluous efforts. You will target fruitful zones only.

Considering this, our partner decided to try this combination out. And this was a really smart decision. In our next section, we are going to reveal the details, so stay tuned!

Finance Survey offer and CPA Goal in action

Here are the campaign details: 

  • Platform: Android
  • GEO: GH
  • Daily Budget: $30
  • Rate: $0.065
  • Period: 20 of June 2021 –  26 of July 2021

The conversion flow of this Survey offer looks this way: users are encouraged to answer a number of questions and press the Continue button. The idea of the survey is to let users know if they can make a successful online career by 2022, which turns out to be an appealing question (judging from the popularity of this offer). 


propellerads - survey example

You can see the main creative above. In addition to an intriguing theme of the survey, there are also comments from users out there. Comments add social proof and encourage visitors to try the offer out considering that a lot of other people already liked it.

Let’s take a look at another creative used by our partner:

propellerads - survey creative example

It uses an ever-green plot for such offers and depicts the successful young man. This picture motivates users to click the Continue button for more. 

The average CTR of this campaign is 6.1% not least due to well-matched creatives

Campaign optimization

When our partner launched his campaign, the first two testing days showed that the price for leads was higher than the established CPA Goal. The reason is easy to explain – not all traffic sources are equally efficient, they use the invested budget, but don’t bring the desired result. 

This is where the beauty of the CPA Goal becomes apparent. In a while, advanced AI algorithms distinguished unprofitable traffic sources and excluded them automatically. As such, only beneficial ones (those that meet the established conversion price) remained and not a single dollar was lost. 

Our partner didn’t have to blacklist the inefficient traffic sources manually – they were excluded by the algorithms. Automatic optimization of CPA Goal saved his time and money.

Campaign stats 

Now let’s take a look at the numbers to draw concrete conclusions:

propellerads - case study - fin survey stats
  • Total spend (traffic purchase): $120.28
  • Total revenue: $186.2  
  • Received profit: $65.9
  • ROI: 35,5%

Each conversion cost $0.065 and brought $0.108. As we can see from the numbers above, the profit grew with time, while the number of clicks stayed pretty much the same. The reason is simple – only the most converting zones stayed, so the performance improved due to the quality of traffic sources, not the number of users. 


As we can see from the stats, CPA Goal needed only two days to distinguish and exclude inefficient traffic sources. After these zones were automatically switched off, our partner enjoyed high ROI and better results as a whole.

This model ensures that the average conversion price coincides with established CPA Goal parameters. If a CPC model was used instead, the average conversion price would be higher. As such, ROI could drop dramatically.

In future, CPA Goal could be used for more tests and optimization. The same offer could be launched for other targeting settings (namely – GEOs) and bring more revenue to an advertiser.    

Do It Once, Do It Twice: How to Retest Your Offers?

From our case study, we can say that CPA Goal is a great model to optimize your campaigns and split your budget smartly. Try it for your Interstitials campaign and enjoy great results!

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