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Finance vertical overview
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What’s Happening to Finance Vertical in 2024? [Stats, GEOs, Creatives]

Grab this detailed guide on Finance vertical 2024: let's discuss GEOs, see creatives, check stats, and analyze strategies. Roll in!

How US elections affect the world traffic?
Affiliate Marketing

US Presidential Elections: Will They Affect Web Traffic?

Will US elections affect traffic? What verticals might rise during the Elections date, and what is going to happen with traffic overall?

black friday boost the loans
Ad Trends

Can Black Friday Boost Loan Offers? [Exclusive Investigation]

Black Friday is traditionally about eCommerce vertical, but can the hype around huge discounts boost loan vertical? We made a research

5 ways to fail ai creatives
Ad Trends

5 Ways You Definitely Can’t Generate AI Creatives for Ad Campaigns

We have tested AI creative image generators and proudly share with you our most epic failures. Plus tips and tricks for creating images

understanding buyer's journey in affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Straight to a Conversion: Buyer’s Journey in Different Affiliate Marketing Verticals

Let’s discuss different types of user journey and see how they vary around the most popular affiliate marketing verticals

Tutorials for Beginners

How Much Money Do You Need to Start with Affiliate Marketing?

In this article, we’re splitting the affiliate marketing budget, telling you how much money you need to start your own affiliate business

propellerads - interstitials x cpa goal
Case Studies

CPA Goal for Interstitials: Finance Survey Case Study

When combined with a CPA Goal auto-optimization tool, Interstitials show their full potential. Check this case study & learn how to boost performance


[Case Study] $7 887 with Financial Offer and Push Traffic

Discover how a financial offer leveraged push traffic to generate $7,887 in this revealing case study. Comment your thoughts!


[Case Study] Fin Survey + Kenya = ROI 43%

What we prepared for you today is a small case study on the most popular offer of October and November. Fin Survey #1203 is an offer with a simple flow


[FREE Webinar] Big in Asia: Verticals, Creatives & Campaign Ideas by PropellerAds & AdCombo

Discover lucrative opportunities in Asia with PropellerAds & AdCombo. Explore verticals, creative strategies, and campaign ideas for big success. Dive in!