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interstitial facts
Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads in 2024: Extensive FAQ for Beginners

Learn everything about one of the most engaging advertising formats ever - Interstitial ads. Extensive FAQ at your disposal

animated message template
Platform Updates

Boost Your CTR With New Interstitial Templates [Real Case Studies Inside]

The new dimension of Interstitials is here: meet the new templates that boost conversion rates and get more clicks than ever before

New Interstitial Template
Interstitial Ads

New Interstitial Landing Template: What it is and How to Use it

Looking for a fast and easy landing template that doesn’t require any extra creatives? Try the new Interstitial Landing Template

interstitial templates - which one to pick
Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Templates: Which One to Pick?

Now we have 7 customizable Interstitial templates. Which one you'll choose to make your ads stand out and attract more users?

propellerads - interstitials x cpa goal
Case Studies

CPA Goal for Interstitials: Finance Survey Case Study

When combined with a CPA Goal auto-optimization tool, Interstitials show their full potential. Check this case study & learn how to boost performance

Propellerads - cpa goal for interstitials -
Platform Updates

CPA Goal is now Available on Interstitials

CPA Goal is now available on Interstitials. Enjoy effective and hassle-free auto-optimization for your affiliate ad campaigns

Interstitial Ads

Interstitials: Brighten Your Campaigns Up with This Ad Format

Elevate campaigns with interstitial ads. Captivate audiences with dynamic visuals & messaging. Optimize engagement today!

monetization ad fomats overview

What Monetization Format to Choose?

Are you curious to know how you can monetize your website with different ad formats? This could help you improve your monthly performance

custome- Zone -Bidding- CPC
Platform Updates

Custom Zone Bidding for Push & Interstitial CPC Campaigns

Maximize ROI by fine-tuning CPC bids for specific zones in Push & Interstitial campaigns. Enhance targeting and boost performance efficiently

new interstitials case study
Affiliate Marketing

New Interstitial Templates In Action: Format Overview + Case Study

We decided to do a quick recap on new interstitials, add some useful stats, and share a comparison test of the new templates

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