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New Interstitial Landing Template: What it is and How to Use it

New Interstitial Template

Do you want to launch a self-paced Interstitial campaign that can elegantly captivate the most-engaged audiences? And what about using your Landing Page as your sole creative for this campaign?

Even better! Right? We knew you’d like it! So, we just launched a new Landing Page Template for all your Interstitial campaigns.

Now all you need to do is set up your target URL, your landing URL (and no, there’s no need for them to be the same), and  our system does all the work for you.

Forget about struggling to come up with the best creatives. This template takes all your cares away. Curious to find out more? Continue reading.

Introducing the Interstitial Landing Template

So, you know how Interstitials are ads that cover about 80% of the screen and appear right in the center of the page, above the content the user is viewing. They’re inclusive of plenty of text and images, and feature both, close and call to action buttons. 

And now, with the Landing Template, you can give the same ‘on the spot’ touch to your landing pages.

The new Interstitial Landing Template Ad includes an input field that allows you to use the link to your own landing page. This way, your Landing Page content will be shown inside the interstitial window. Making it very easy to use, without the need for any other creatives from you. 

The Interstitial Landing Template ensures maximum visibility, as your Landing Page is displayed over the main page.

And all you need to do to use it, is to pick the 7th banner template, and insert your landing URL as the Creative URL. Just as you see below.

PropellerAds - Interstitial Landing Template
PropellerAds’ Interstitial Landing Template

What sets it apart from other templates: Peculiarities and advantages

The main difference is that you don’t need any new creatives for your campaign. Instead, you can use a Landing Page URL. This way your Landing Page will be shown as an Interstitial banner.

Moreover, you can use different links for your target and Creative URL, and make a more complex, and smooth funnel for your audience.  It also allows you this way to diversify your campaign a bit.

Plus, when it comes to ads, you know very well that having enough space to perfectly display your offer and captivate the audience is crucial.

And that is exactly what the Interstitial Landing Template gives you. Aside from the possibility to perfectly balance text and images. 

When is this template more beneficial?

  • You don’t need any extra creatives – it just converts the landing template into your Interstitial creative.
  • When your offer works better with several creatives (i.e., Sweepstakes, Finance Verticals) – The Landing Template allows you to use different landing pages as creative and as target URL (in a classic scheme it’s always the same URL).
  • When you need an easy format that can deliver new, highly-engaged audiences when you want to scale your OnClick campaigns. 
  • You can also use this Template as a budget-friendly testing option, as it has a CPC that starts from only $0.001.

Verticals that perform the best with this template

Our users found this template to be more effective with Utilities, Extensions, Software, Sweepstakes, and Dating.

However, as the format is fairly new, we encourage you to experiment with all the verticals, as our tests confirm that it performs equally well. 

Just pay attention to the CTR and make sure that the landing you use is attractive enough to collect as many clicks as possible and to redirect maximum users to the offer.

propellerads - affiliate marketing verticals

Need more help with Verticals? Check This Guide

What to look for when setting up your campaign?

Use two different URLs

When setting up your campaign, the main thing you must consider are the Target URL and Creative URL. These two should be different – it’s not obvious, and there is no problem if they’re the same. The campaign should still work normally. 

Only that you’ll show the same landing twice. First as the interstitial window, and then again after the user clicks on the page, in a new tab. It will look strange, and repetitive. And you should try to avoid this.

“What we recommend is to use a pre-lander as a Landing URL, that is leading right to the offer – your Target URL.

Double-check your page size

Another thing you should pay attention to is the landing page size. Some pages can’t get through moderation due to their size. And Google has restrictions for Heavy Ads – landing pages that are 4Mb or larger.

For this reason, we reject such kinds of landings because we can’t show them in the Chrome browser – they’d be blocked by Google while loading. Other than this, you’re good to go.

Advertising strategies tips and tricks

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to best mix and match formats, where to use for maximum visibility and engagement, or where it’s gonna bring the most profit.

But of course, we thought of everything. After checking with our Account Strategists, here are the top tips for affiliates:

1. Be creative

Use attractive pre-landers that spark curiosity as your Landing URL. Make sure to include colorful images (with people if possible) and get really creative when it comes to headers – make them catchy and memorable. 

Warm up the audience through your pre-landers. Make them interactive, announce new articles, and use surveys or games in them. And then lead users right to the offer – your Target URL.

2. Increase your profitability

Since the mechanism is pretty much the same as for Popunders, you can launch your Interstitial Landing Template campaign together with OnClick Popunders. This way you’ll get additional volumes and better overall performance.

3. Plan ahead 

You can run an Interstitial-Push Notification combo, by gathering your converted audiences and retargeting them with related offers sent through push.

Interstitial benchmarks: Learn what are the CTRs for desktop & mobile

This format has one of the best re-engagement rates between all formats, and it can help you improve your profitability. 

4. Save of expenses

Make sure to exclude your converted audiences from your initial campaign, to avoid targeting them again with the same offer.


  • You don’t need any extra creatives aside from your Landing Page
  • The Interstitial Landing Template can be used with a most convenient bidding model – CPA Goal
  • You can use it really well for testing, having a fairly low CPC 
  • It’s great for when your funnel requires a pre-lander as well (Creative URL + Target URL)
  • Can be used as a good addition to OnClick, if you want to scale or get fresh audiences

We hope we managed to answer all your questions. However, if there’s anything else you want to know, come chat with us on our Telegram Group.


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