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Interstitials: Brighten Your Campaigns Up with This Ad Format


Interstitials are highly interactive, bright, and impossible to overlook. They cover the interface of a web page almost entirely. This peculiarity differentiates Interstitial ads from other common ad types, like banners, pop-ups, and push notification ads

Such ads look especially nice when they appear naturally: during breaks, transitions, and pauses between user activities.

Due to high interactivity and visibility, Interstitial ads show great CTR and CR. They work really fine as a part of an ad campaign and have a huge potential for upswinging performance. In this article, you will find practical information about Interstitials, including stats, tips on creatives, best verticals list, and top GEOs description. 

It’s about time to learn more about this beautiful format and prepare to add it to your advertising arsenal! 

Interstitials CTR: general statistics and shaping factors

If you want to scale your current campaign up, you should try experimenting with Interstitials for sure. Let’s see which factors you should consider:


As you know, precise and smart targeting is everything and the right platform is the heart of it.

According to our recent findings, an average CTR for Interstitials varies regarding the platform you choose. While Android shows around 4-5% CTR and makes about 3% for desktop


Our stats show that you don’t have to be shy when using Interstitials – they work perfectly when you choose bright and irresistible creatives. Choose those that evoke a desire to act immediately, like raffles, discounts, and freebies.

Take a look at this one, created right on our platform with the help of a Prize template (yes, you don’t have to fuss around when you have a creative generator at hand):


However, mind that such irresistible creatives should be used with relatively small bids – make them at least twice lower. The reason is simple: they are highly visible, but less capable to bring interested people to the landing page. And you don’t really need low-quality leads, do you?

Less glaring creatives than the one from our example are not that insistent. As such, they bring lower CTR.


How about rates? Well, they vary dramatically regarding the GEO you choose. To get a clear picture of that difference, take a look at the table below. We have gathered the weekly stats for various GEOs that belong to different Tiers:

CountryClicksAverage CPC
IN ??5.555 K$0.002
ID ??1.433 K$0.003
AR ??1.163 K$0.002
US ??1.129 K$0.011
PK ??1.048 K$0.001
MY ??879 K$0.007
PH ??625 K$0.001
MX ??559 K$0.002
FR ??342 K$0.005
ZA ??321 K$0.004
DE ??303 K$0.004
BR ??302 K$0.008
GB ??293 K$0.008

As you can see, the average CPC is $0.002 in India, while it reaches $0.008 in more expensive countries, like Great Britain and Brazil. Indians click frequently (5.555 k), but the CPC is low. On the contrary, Brazilians and British are less active in clicking (302 k and 293 k accordingly), while the CPC is pretty high there.

It is important to mind the peculiarities of a chosen GEO as well as the aims you are following. Regarding the stats above, we can firmly conclude that Interstitials work great when they are a part of your campaign, but not a stand-alone format. 

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The best-performing verticals for Interstitials 

Now you must be wondering which verticals perform really well for Interstitials. Well, as always, we have some insights to share:

  • Utilities

Utilities vertical is an undeniable leader for Interstitials. For iOS, the most converting offers are VPNs. Cleaners, antiviruses, and memory optimizers are perfect for Android.  

propellerads - zeydoo- utilities - antivirus - offers

Learn some tricks on how to work with Utilities offers!

  • Finance

The next successful niche for Interstitials is Finance. This vertical brings great revenue, but mind that it is already occupied by huge advertisers. It makes Finance a pretty hard nut to crack – you may find it uneasy to enter this competitive field.  

  • Sweepstakes 

Sweepstakes are beneficial, but a bit tricky. Their performance depends on the GEO you choose and the peculiarities of the local traffic. According to our stats, the best performing GEOs for sweepstakes Interstitials are Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. As for the European countries, the leaders are France and Italy. 

  • Extensions

Extensions is another top vertical for Interstitials. It brings significant revenue, as well, especially when it comes to Chrome and Windows add-ons. 

  • iGaming

iGaming is another complicated niche to enter, but it shows great potential for Interstitials. The best performing GEOs here are Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. 

  • Dating

Dating is popular worldwide, but it requires a special approach. You need to focus on extremely appealing creatives and mind the GEO. Make sure that photos coincide with the vision of attraction in the region you are targeting. In most cases, users strive to get acquainted with women coming from the same region. 

PropellerOnAir #6 - Dating campaigns - podcast

Listen to the masterful podcast on Dating campaigns!

  • Software 

Software is the best converting vertical for Mac OS devices. Make sure to choose the right messaging and creatives for your campaign – mind that users click pop-ups that address their main pain points and propose special deals. 

Which GEOs are the best for Interstitials? 

Our insiders have something really stunning to share with you. This is a list of the best GEOs for Interstitials format. Take a look and prepare to launch your brilliant campaign: 

  • Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore

At the moment, this triangle shows impressive results for Interstitials, especially if you target on mobile. Literally every vertical performs great here, including Utilities, iGaming, Sweepstakes, etc. 

  • Argentina 

Argentina is a perfect GEO for beginners – it is fresh and sappy. In other words, the locals are not familiar with most too common offers and creatives. More savvy users are less likely to click familiar banners they have already seen a thousand times – they want something new.

However, as the Argentinian market is emerging, the good old offers convert well for this GEO. 

Here is another insight: Argentinians are fond of sports and namely – football. Copa América 2021, or else – the match between Argentina and the USA, will take place this summer. The tournament will happen in Argentina from 13 June to 10 July 2021. No need to say that sports streaming services will burst and the amount of traffic will be enormous. This is a perfect time to start your sports-related campaign! 

Propellerads - sporting events calendar for affiliates

And if you want more fruitful dates for your sports campaign, take a look at this interactive calendar!

Wrapping up

Interactive and noticeable, Interstitials are great for numerous types of offers. According to our statistics, the best-performing verticals for this format include Utilities, iGaming, Sweepstakes, Finance, Dating, and other popular niches.

The best GEOs are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Argentina. For Interstitials, you should try bright and even a bit clamorous creatives – they perform really well and bring great results. 

Why don’t you include Interstitials in your advertising arsenal and start reaping the best harvest? We bet you will notice the difference immediately! Give Intertstitials a try and make your campaigns even more brilliant! 

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