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Interstitial Templates: Which One to Pick?

interstitial templates - which one to pick

Have you tried working with Interstitial banners yet? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Compared to other formats, they are highly clickable and provide great visibility for your ads.

To help you get even better results, we’ve developed 5 customizable templates for your interstitials: Blur, Blur Dark, Light, Prize, and Image. Each of these templates can help your ads stand out and attract more user attention.

Ready to check them out? Then let’s go!

#1 Blur Dark

Customizable: banner, title, description
Predefined: button caption, colors, placement, animation

This template requires a custom image and an 80-symbol title and description, but uses a standard button caption. The template is animated: the title, description, and the button appear seconds after the image is loaded, which grants you extra user attention. 

Propellerads - blur dark
Interstitial Blur Dark Template: Creative Example

With this template, our clients get the most profits from iGaming and Betting offers. Speaking of which, these are the two most popular verticals for this format. 

#2 Blur

Customizable: banner, title, description
Predefined: button caption, colors, placement

This template is not animated, but like the previous one, it needs a custom image and a title with a description. It also features a button with a standard caption.

blur interstitial template
Interstitial Blur Template: Creative Example

Blur template is equally popular in all verticals and GEOs, but half of all the profits that users have generated with it comes from Finance offers.  

#3 Light

Predefined: button caption, colors, placement, animation
Customizable: banner, title, description

This animated template generates the most traction with iGaming, Betting, Finance, and Content-on-demand offers. 

Interstitial Light Template: Creative Example

For it, you specify the title and description and choose a custom image. Similar to the Blur Dark theme, here the title block and the button with a standard caption appear after the image, which makes it really hard to miss! 

#4 Prize

Customizable: image, title, description
Predefined: button, colors, placement, animation

Users are getting the most profits with this template from such verticals as Sweepstakes and iGaming. This is no surprise due to the specifics of the creative — this animated template was specifically designed for verticals that offer a prize to the user.

prize template
Interstitial Prize Template: Creative Example

Here, you have a space for a title, the name of the prize, and an image. The user will see multiple images of the prize floating around, which is very hard to miss! 

During our internal tests, this template showed a 30% CTR with the Sweepstakes offers, so it’s important to match it with the right vertical. 

The third most popular vertical with this template is Content-on-demand. Instead of offering a prize, though, advertisers offer pieces of content, which is pretty ingenious! 

#5 Image

Customizable: image

This template doesn’t require any texts and leaves a lot of room for the advertiser’s creativity. It’s universal so works equally well with Finance, Sweepstakes, eCommerce, Betting and Utilities offers in all GEOs. 

interstitials image
Interstitial Image Template: Creative Example

The only thing to remember here is that you should have two images ready — for mobile devices and desktops. 

#6 Classic

Customizable: banner, title
Predefined: style, placement

classic interstitial
Interstitial Banner Template: Creative Example

Users are well familiar with this template as this is our oldest Interstitial banner. All it requires is an image and a title. 

#7 Landing Template

Customizable: Different choice of Target and Creative URL
Predefined: Pre-lander and Landing Page based on the URLs you use

The beauty of this template is that you pretty much don’t have to move one finger. It does it all on its own. Once you add the Pre-Lading (Target URL) and Landing Template (Creative) URLs in their designated fields, that’s it. 

Another thing that makes this template particularly successful and pretty popular is the fact that it allows you to create more complex, and diversified funnels for your audience. This happens because you can (more rather, you’re encouraged to) use different links for your Target and Creative URLs.

PropellerAds - Interstitial Landing Template
Interstitial Landing Template: Creative Example

As you would expect, we also checked the verticals where this template performs the best, and they are:  Utilities, Extensions, Software, Sweepstakes, and Dating.

But you could just as well use it with all the other verticals, as tests demonstrated it performs equally well.

Got questions? Our Support team is here to help. Want to talk about it? Join our Telegram chat!

Editor’s Note: Originally published in October 2020, this article was updated for accuracy reasons.


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