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Fact Check: Are Crypto Payouts Real?

are crypto payouts real

With world leaders and news outlets across the world making false statements and spreading misinformation on a regular basis, it’s normal to feel a bit paranoid when we hear about a great offer. Take cryptocurrency offers for example. According to both advertisers and affiliates that have success with this vertical, crypto offers can consistently produce payouts of $600 to $1000.

But, is this actually true? The short and sweet answer is yes, it definitely is.

In the spirit of transparency, we’ve decided to conduct a fact check to help explain why crypto offers have such high payouts and go over a few tips to help affiliates succeed in this industry.

How Crypto Offers Work

Before going any further, it’s important to understand how crypto offers work. In the vast majority of cases, these offers have a hybrid conversion flow, which means that users need to take multiple steps before converting.

There are some variations, but crypto version flows usually look something like this:

  • Step #1: Lead generation, where you collect basic user data like name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Step #2: Data is sent to the advertiser’s database.
  • Step #3: Advertiser forwards potential leads to the call or contact center.
  • Step #4: The contact center parses the leads, orders them from highest to lowest quality, and agents begin calling leads based on their rating, with the best leads being the first contacted. When the lead converts (usually by making a deposit), the affiliate is credited with the payout.

Note that very often leads are sorted according to your affiliate history and rating. If you’ve been constantly supplying quality users, your leads will be the first to contact.

The steps above illustrate how important it is to spend time optimizing your campaign. The key is to find good traffic and fine-tune your settings until you start generating leads at a relatively low cost.

Expert tip: You can request lead analytics from the CPA network so you can better analyze the different traffic sources you’re working with and find the best way to optimize your campaign.

But, Why Are Payouts So Big?

The type of conversion flow described above is a variation of the first-time deposit model, so in most cases, users have to make a deposit of $200 to $250. But, why are the payouts three to four times bigger than the deposit?

The answer is painfully simple: advertisers tend to make a lot of money from people interested in cryptocurrencies. In most cases, advertisers have a very good profit margin even after providing the $1000 payouts, so they are happy to offer these large sums to affiliates that are up to the challenge.

Tips for Running a Successful Crypto Campaign

Although it’s true that crypto campaigns can offer extremely large payouts, they are not easy to master! In addition to having a difficult conversion flow, these offers require in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies and how they work. You also need to take an organized approach and take advantage of all the resources you have available, like pre-landers and retargeting campaigns.

In order to succeed with crypto offers, pay attention to:

Ad Formats

Obviously, the most effective traffic sources for crypto offers are considered to be social networks and email. Yet pay attention that Facebook, for example, doesn’t usually allow crypto ads

So how do you scale or get these vital email lists? 

Push notifications and popunders are proven ad formats for crypto offers to add massive volumes, plus you should always use a pre-lander regardless of the type you choose.

Starting with a push ads CPC campaign and a separate in-page push campaign is always a great idea, especially if you scale these with popunder ads.


The fastest way to success with crypto offers is through optimization. It’s extremely important to monitor ad zones and analyze user behavior, so we suggest using tracking pixels and Audiences 2.0 to improve your retargeting efforts.

Audiences 2.0: New Retargeting Toolbox


Having the right testing budget will allow you to find a winning combination. Generally speaking, a proper testing budget is the equivalent of 2 to 3 payouts. So, if the payout for the offer you’re testing is $600, you’ll need between $1200 and $1800, but you should hit a good stride after you finish testing.

Targeting Settings

The key to success here is to choose 2-3 GEOs and really learn your audience’s interests: read the local news, check what’s happening on the market and prepare the ads that are relevant to this exact audience.

Also, make sure to go through spy tools – review what GEOs are other affiliates targeting and how do they approach the audience.

Creative Elements

The ad copy of every push notification is crucial, but remember that crypto offers also work best with pre-landers, so you’ll need to invest resources into producing quality creatives for these pages. Some of the common ideas that affiliate choose include:

  • Mother of 7 Gets Out of Poverty
  • This 18 y.o. Student Suddenly Got Rich
  • Deliver Guy Buys Himself a Lamborghini
  • Brother Purchases Gifts for Every Single Family Member
  • How a Working Joe Cracked the System
  • How these Normal People Got Expensive Cars, Big Houses, and the Good Life

Before implementing any of these ideas, ensure that the advertiser allows pre-landers by checking the offer.

What You Need in Your Pre-Lander

Some of the things you’ll want to include in your pre-lander are:

  • FAQs
  • Steps to explain what cryptocurrencies are and how to get started
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Security and privacy statement
  • A countdown that urges users to take action

? Download our FREE advertiser’s guide to financial offers [PDF]

For the banner images and text elements of your push notifications, you need to:

  • Include numbers and money
  • Underline convenience and simplicity by using phrases like “make money from home,” “start investing in just a few minutes,” and “register at [platform name] and you will never work again!
  • State facts and statistics, for example, state things like “you can make up to $350 per day”

Key Policy Points

As with all of your campaigns, remember to adhere to the privacy policy in order to get the most from your ads. Always remember to avoid:

  • Using celebrity pictures without authorization
  • Including brand logos on their own, these can only be implemented in the product you’re promoting

For more, please have a look at our policy rules.

Zeydoo offers to check out

Here the offers, GEOs, and targeting setting as recommended by Zeydoo. All that is REALLY hot right now.

CPA OfferIDGEOConversionOSPayout
Latam Crypto Prelander976??
Registration + DepositWindows, Android$340
Bitcoin Up CPA 1102?? ITRegistration + DepositDesktop, Mobile$600
Registration + DepositMobile, iOS$510
Bitcoin Circuit986??
Registration + DepositWindows$510
Bitcoin UP (English)1055??
Registration + DepositDesktop, Mobile$600
Bitcoin Trader 982??
Registration + DepositDesktop, Mobile$552.50
Bitcoin Code981??
Registration + DepositDesktop, Mobile$467.50

*Multiple GEOs are available

Crypto offers can be extremely profitable, but this vertical is not easy to master. That said, if you take the time to learn the ropes and focus heavily on optimization, you should be able to crack this vertical and enjoy the large payouts advertisers have to offer.

By the way, you CAN comment 🙂 And we’re really interested to hear your thoughts about crypto. You can also share them on our Telegram Chat!


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