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are crypto payouts real
Affiliate Marketing

Fact Check: Are Crypto Payouts Real?

We’ve decided to conduct a fact check to help explain why crypto offers have such high payouts and go over a few tips to help affiliates succeed

how to run crypto offers

How to Not Get in Trouble with Crypto Offers

As with almost every digital marketing-related compliance approach, disclosures are critical. Marketers should ensure that consumers are “clearly and conspicuously”

Industry News

AdTech News Digest | Chrome vs. HTTP, EU Banning Memes, No More Crypto Mining on iPhone

In its biggest effort to nudge users away from unencrypted websites, Google Chrome will mark HTTP sites as not secure starting July of this year

propellerads - how to choose a crypto offer
Industry News

6 Experts Share How To Choose Crypto Offers

There are no clear guidelines for determining which offer is perfect to promote or whether the crypto market will survive in general

Industry News

Top and Trending: What’s Hot for Affiliate Marketing in 2018

In the five months that have passed into 2018, a lot of things are happening in the digital marketing world, for affiliate marketing especially

potential of blockchain
Guest Expert

The Potential of Blockchain in Digital Advertising | Ending Facebook’s Dominance

The blockchain will likely be able to offer better targeting tools, as well as being a positive step for those supplying the data

NewsDigest_number6 image
Industry News

AdTech News Digest | Net Neutrality, Facebook’s Cryptocurrency and Alibaba Becoming Top eCommerce Platform

Check out our summaries for the most important updates in the world of online advertising and digital marketing as a whole

how to promote ico with paid traffic

What Is an ICO and How to Promote it with Paid Traffic?

There was more than $5 billion raised through ICOs in 2017, and this number set to be significantly bypassed in 2018 as more companies are holding ICOs

investigating misleading ads
Affiliate Marketing

Investigating Misleading Ads: What Are They and Why You Should Avoid Them

Learn why misleading ads are harmful & how to steer clear. Safeguard your interests & make informed decisions. Don't fall for deceptive marketing tactics

News Digest number 3
Industry News

AdTech News Digest | Crypto & CFD Ads Updates, Mobile Research, and Native Ad Trends

Discover the latest insights on Crypto & CFD Ads, Mobile Research, and Native Ad Trends. Stay ahead with our comprehensive updates and analysis

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