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6 Experts Share How To Choose Crypto Offers

propellerads - how to choose a crypto offer

The crypto market is booming, starting from the massive ICOs and Forex trading, and going all the way to affiliate programs, represented in multiple forms and shapes.

With so many crypto offers out there, CPA marketers can quite easily get lost in options. There are no clear guidelines for determining which offer is perfect to promote or whether the crypto market will survive in general.

Today, we have invited six experts from the biggest CPA networks to discuss these three topics:

  • What should you pay attention to while selecting a crypto offer?
  • What aspects are important when you are promoting a crypto offer?
  • If the crypto market has future.

So now that you know our agenda, it’s time for our experts to have their say!

Henry Whitfield, Head of Global Supply for Clickdealer


How do you advise to choose Crypto offers? What should affiliates pay attention at? The best advice I can give on picking offers is to find offers with a clear, clean message and transparency in terms of what they’re offering, what the consumer gets and what the costs are  – using these to create a congruent message from initial impression to the final steps will help you grow not only a compliant campaign, but one with longevity and stability.

Facebook and Google policy changes have already come into effect aimed at tackling misleading advertising in financial products and services – making adherence to these policies even more vital to long-term growth.

What do you think about this vertical? Does it have a potential? I think we saw in the industry over the last year that the Cryptocurrency vertical has been red-hot, mimicking the same patterns that saw coins like Bitcoin and others grow wildly in 2017 – expect to see the same patterns continue.

Dmitriy Elin, CEO and Co-founder at Biggico


Crypto is one of the newest directions in CPA advertising industry.

This business is rapidly growing in all categories: ICO, forex, trading, betting, gambling. There’s a lot of new projects created especially for crypto and those, that implement crypto in their existing businesses.

Here comes the trouble, on this hype, some of the ICO projects are a fraud by default, so huge amount of affiliates are afraid of working with such offers, and we cannot but mention that there are some difficulties in money withdrawal, converting cryptocurrencies in fiat and unstable exchange rates.

When choosing crypto-offer to work with, the first thing you need to do is to check all the popular ratings, read all the reviews about the project on well-known websites, for example,

The better project spreads information about themselves to the media – the easier it is going to be to work with it.  Many projects agree to make payouts not by the end of the token sale, but in periods, like once in a week or two. That helps to establish more trustable financial relations between advertiser and publisher.

In the last year number of ICOs and crypto projects tripled, all that projects need promotion. Therefore Crypto-offers are going to grow, and they will grow fast, especially after FB and Google crypto ads restrictions.

Evan Maslennikov, CEO at RunCPA


Back in 2014, when we came up with the idea of launching a crypto affiliate network myself and the partners felt quite certain about the future of cryptocurrency. Time shows that we made the right choice. In 2015 we attracted first advertisers, helped early adopters earn money on Bitcoin advocacy and contributed significantly to the establishment of the competitive market in this vertical.

Despite high volatility and external pressure, I believe affiliate marketing industry has an upside potential, especially as it comes to the blockchain market. During the past years, we’ve witnessed hundreds of successful crowdfunding campaigns. I have a pleasure to know personally dozens of blockchain entrepreneurs, which deliver ready-to-use revolutionary products in 2018. They will all need our help in customer acquisition and market expansion.

Right now we obviously see a certain downfall. But from inside the industry that is a great opportunity to develop infrastructure, while the cost is affordable. More broadly, the downfall shakes off weak or fraudulent projects. I think promotion via high-quality content will remain the most effective way of advertising, so that traffic owners just choose the best they see fit for their audience, whether it’s finance, trading, gambling, investment or anything else.

There is a bit different story with limited-time Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) offers. They support various pricing models – revenue share, fixed CPA or CPL. To take on such offers, I would suggest to stay in touch with affiliate relations managers, cause these are the guys who are aware of the upcoming offers and can buy you time to customize and upgrade your traffic source and creatives.

The biggest challenge right now in crypto affiliate marketing is the lack of crypto traffic sources for media-buying. The dominant platforms try to protect users from HYIP (High-yield investment program) products and thus Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and other market leaders will be unavailable for some time for white-hat campaigns.

At the same time, we need to face the fact that, the market is so far simply immature. I’d recommend focussing on localized content/translations on websites, blogs, and communities. As for individuals, one can make money on such things as product reviews or comparisons. As for large publishers, the key opportunity here is for high-quality crypto websites which can benefit from incredible $10-15 CPM via display ads along with high CPL+Revenue share earnings. Could you imagine anything comparable to that in other verticals?!

David Danan, Finance & Trading Specialist at

The field of Cryptocurrencies is a vast and continuously growing industry. At the same time, Crypto has become the most dynamic and volatile market since the beginning of the history of trading. It is not even surprising anymore for a coin to take 50% in 24 hours. That said, it is a real market, offering real opportunities. The proof is, Crypto ATMs are popping up all around the world and virtual money is becoming an everyday currency. However, don’t underestimate the time you spend on research and preparation before choosing your offers, your reputation is at stake!

The first step should be to do some research about the various brand operators, focussing only on reputable and regulated companies. But this is not enough, you should dig a bit further… What about the quality of their services? Does the helpdesk languages match the ones spoken in the targeted countries? In short: get to know the industry players. Apart from your traffic, it is the brand, the quality of the product and its related services that will determine how well the offer will perform. So don’t freak out if the market prices go down 😉

Only then should you shortlist a few offers with the GEOs, payouts and conversion rates that best suit you. Constantly ask yourself whether you have the relevant traffic interested in this topic? If not, are you able to find it? Are your sources efficient for this vertical? What about your marketing tools? All these will be the key to determining your growth potential. You may have the traffic, but you are not sure how to convert it? Don’t forget to A/B test.

That’s how we chose to proceed at Spicyoffers. By working direct only, Affiliates are assured to promote only quality Crypto offers. You may choose to work with a trusted CPA Network to accelerate this time-consuming process, but also to benefit from quick payments and from an advanced tracking system natively connected to the main trackers of the industry.

Maksim Jevsejev, CEO at Advendor


We frequently receive questions about how to chose crypto offers correctly, but lately, we have been asked a lot, if we still believe in the crypto vertical potential.

Let’s begin with the last – we do believe in the potential, because we work and communicate closely with financial analysts, owners of large crypto businesses, stock exchanges, and payment systems. However, the time of easy earning with crypto offers has passed. Now it is important to carefully plan the advertising campaign, but with the good understanding of this industry, it is still possible to make a lot of money.

I recommend to choose offer according to the next criteria:

– The quality of lending — the amount of localisations, quality of design and content availability;

– The service popularity — it is not a secret that in comparison to the projects that have already earned trust, promoting new projects is more difficult;

– The marketing level and service support — how effectively your leads will be processed. Do not hesitate and leave the application to analyze the advertiser’s actions;

– The complex of service price and paid action rate. It is important to understand that no matter how high the paid action rate is, more necessary that these actions existed at all, because of that we always check not only the competitiveness of rates but also prices, before we add offers to our pool.

Matt Lovett, Managing Director at WOW TRK


Choosing a crypto offer really depends on the type of traffic you are driving to the crypto offer, what market you are driving traffic from and also the education of the user. For example, if they are not experienced in crypto trading, you might want to run an offer with an LP that explains how to get started, free training, etc. However, if you are targeting experienced traders this sort of LP is going to perform poorly.

On a fairly broad basis, we find that crypto offers offering a large bonus or free credit to start trading work best. Whilst it is also important to find crypto offers that offer investment in the leading currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC etc), it is fast becoming popular to invest in alt-coins. People want to find the ‘next Bitcoin’ and one of the alt-coins could be it, so this is fast becoming something people are looking to invest in. A lot of people know about Coinbase which is probably the biggest exchange but they don’t offer any way to invest in alt-coins.

Have questions about crypto offers? Great, leave all your burning crypto questions in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to find the answers for you.


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