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Party Is On: New Interstitial Templates Are In Town

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One could assume that, in these challenging times, switching to working from home would slow us down. To this, I have only one thing to say: hell no, mam!

Just as before, we’re working hard on revamping the Self-Serve platform by developing new tools and features for your convenience. And today we’re very proud to present you the new Interstitial ads templates.

? UPD: New Interstitial Templates In Action: Format Overview + Case Study

What’s new

Interstitial banners, the love child of our R&D team’s creativity, are a preferred format for many advertisers.

propellerads - create campaign - interstitial

However, previously, there was not much room for customization. Advertisers could only use one default template, which left little room for testing various approaches. Even though the format was bringing good profits for our clients, it was begging for a restyle.

propellerads - interstitial

Today, we’re introducing 4 new customizable templates for your interstitial banners. 

Highly-clickable and eye-catchy, they attract much more attention to your ads. You can choose the template when creating a campaign for interstitials.

Animated template

Another cool new feature is an animated banner, which works especially great for Sweepstakes. Now, you can add an image of the sweepstake prize and the template will literally shower the viewer in it!

When developing the templates, we were guided by our clients’ best practices and data insights about the most successful interstitial campaigns. So the risk of big profits is extremely high for this format!

Propellerads - animated interstitial
Note that in this template you should add only the name of the prize in the description.

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Why you should try new interstitial templates

  • They help your ads stand out
  • Improve engagement
  • Great for testing
  • According to our closed tests, CTR grows by 22% on average
  • Conversion growth by approx. 30-50%

Tell us what you think!

If you have a tingling sensation in your fingertips, that’s probably a sign that you need to start an interstitial campaign right away. And when you do, tell us how you like the new templates! For example, in the comments down below.

Your feedback is our greatest motivator! 


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