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Alexandra Nekrasova

Sasha is a writer and digital marketer with 12 years of experience in being a know-it-all. She’ll teach you how to build irresistible landing pages, write kick-ass copy, and drive people into clicking frenzy with your creatives. But since she’s also quite lazy, don’t expect a new post every other week, duh.

traffic estimator
Tutorials for Beginners

Traffic Estimator: Your Spyglass in the Sea of Profit

Navigate the seas of profit with our Traffic Estimator tool. Unlock insights, optimize strategies, and sail to success. Dive in now!

interstitial templates - which one to pick
Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Templates: Which One to Pick?

Now we have 7 customizable Interstitial templates. Which one you'll choose to make your ads stand out and attract more users?

increase organic traffic article

Tips for Pubs: How to Increase Organic Traffic And Not Spend a Lifetime on It

It’s time to finally work on your SEO strategy! Learn how to do SEO right to increase organic traffic and make sure your monetization efforts are not in vain

how eCPM works
Advanced Tutorials

What Is eCPM and How It Impacts How Much Traffic Your Campaigns Get

Discover how eCPM influences campaign traffic and optimize your strategies for maximum results. Learn its significance in ad performance

Paranormal Profits
Our News

[Halloween Promo] Increase Your Spend — Get A Bonus (And Fight Aliens)

Increase your spending from October 15 to November 15 (any ad format) based on your Propeller Priority status and get your paranormal bonus!


[FREE Webinar] Big in Asia: Verticals, Creatives & Campaign Ideas by PropellerAds & AdCombo

Discover lucrative opportunities in Asia with PropellerAds & AdCombo. Explore verticals, creative strategies, and campaign ideas for big success. Dive in!

ssp digest
Platform Updates

August ‘20 Feature Digest: What’s New On PropellerAds

We’ve been working hard on upgrading our platform to make it even more convenient. And now we want to present to you the features that we’ve released in August

In-page push - new skins
In-Page Push

New Skins for In-Page Push: A Refined, Native Look For Your Ads

Explore refined in-page push skins for ads, seamlessly blending with content for a native feel. Enhance user experience and engagement today

Banner - image tools - beginners
Tutorials for Beginners

6 Best Image Editing Tools to Make Bombshell Creatives

In this post, we’ll tell you why you will always need fresh creatives, how to make them yourself, what tools to use for that

what affects Conversion Rate
Tutorials for Beginners

14 Factors That Affect Affiliate Conversion Rate

Discover the top 14 elements shaping affiliate conversion rates. Optimize strategies & elevate performance for greater success!

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