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August ‘20 Feature Digest: What’s New On PropellerAds

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What do you think we’ve been doing this summer? Goofing around by the pool in Hawaiian shirts?

Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to PropellerAds! All summer we’ve been working hard on upgrading our platform to make it even more convenient and flexible for you. And now we want to present to you all the handy features that we’ve released in August.

Buckle up, the party’s getting started.

Update #1: Custom buttons on push notifications

Another sizzling feature is the ability to add custom buttons to your push ad.

Based on our internal tests, buttons increase ad format’s performance and significantly improve the CTR making your ads more clickable.

Images: Fortnite Battle Royale – Gameplay Trailer

You can customize the buttons in the same section where you upload the images and specify the title and description for your creative.

Please, note that the number of buttons depends on the platform and device on which your ad is demonstrated.

  • Android: 1 customizable button, 1 not changeable button with the “Settings” caption 
  • Windows: 1 button with customizable text
  • Mac OS: 1 customizable button, 1 not changeable button with the “Settings” caption 
  • In-Page Push: A customizable button in the Light Theme

You can check how your ad is going to look on each platform in the Preview section on the right part of the screen.

Update #2: New template for Interstitial banners

As we’ve announced lately on our socials, we’ve added a new template for Interstitial banners — Image.

This template has no text input fields, so whatever texts you want to accompany your ad, you can add them directly to the image without any limitations.


Update #3: More audiences and prolonged duration

Have you tried the new Audiences tool yet? Isn’t it a truly magnificent beast for cheaper leads and improved conversions? Well yes, it is! Check out the case studies if you have doubts.

A transformation of a classic retargeting tool, Audiences 2.0 allows you to collect users at different stages of your sales funnel.

At first, we set the audience duration for 30 days. This means that the data about the user who clicked on your ad will be stored in our database for 30 days. But you asked for more time — so here you go!

With the new update, the user’s audience life cycle is increased from 30 to 90 days.


And that’s not all! Recently, we’ve increased the number of audiences from 5 to 15, so now you can collect even more different kinds of audiences for retargeting.  

Update #4: Separate campaigns for classic push and In-Page Push (IPP) ads

Note: This option is only available for Platinum level accounts.

Previously, when launching a push campaign, you could choose what type of push notifications you want to run within it: Classic Push ads, In-Page Push, or both. This wasn’t too convenient, as these two types of traffic often show very different results. As a workaround, affiliates would usually launch two separate campaigns with individual bids.

With the new update, there’s no more need for that. Now, when launching a push campaign, the system will offer you to create two separate campaigns automatically.


It allows you to set a separate bid for IPP, which before was impossible to do within one campaign. Additionally, it simplifies the optimization process and helps you achieve better performance for each traffic type.

Due to this update, you can also set a separate advertising budget for classic push and In-Page Push, both for one day and the whole campaign.


Update #5: Insights tab inside your account

Running out of ideas and need some inspiration? Or maybe you want some expertise from masters of conversion?

Now, you can find all that right inside our platform. Unlock free campaign ideas, search tips on launching campaigns, and maximize your optimization opportunities.

Where to find all these gems of affiliate wisdom? On the left-hand side of the menu bar, click on the “Insights” tab, and come explore what we have to offer!

Propellerads - insights tab

That’s it for now!

These are all the updates that we wanted to tell you about this time. But don’t think that that’s the only thing that we’ve been busy with. There are many other cool features coming soon!

And if you think that a particular feature is missing on our platform, feel free to join our Telegram chat! Your feature suggestions are always welcome there.


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