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Test Drive: Getting Cheaper Leads with Audiences 2.0

case study - audience 2 - test drive

You might have heard about the latest update of our Retargeting tool – Audiences 2.0. The tool gives you several new ways to collect custom audiences. It is far beyond simple retargeting and offers a huge field for experiments.

You can collect 3 new types of audiences:

  • users who clicked on your ads, 
  • users who were considered “Engaged visitor” by our Viewability Pixel 
  • users who converted (customers).

Since the tool was released, we saw many of our partners started using it in campaigns. So we asked one of them to share his experience with the Audiences 2.0. By the way, YOU can always share your use-cases of our freshest features and get published.

Using Audience 2.0 in real-life campaigns

I’ve been using PropellerAds for several years already. My preferences include Popunder ads and Push traffic, which is obviously in huge volume here. Thanks, propellers 😉

Just like many affiliates, for some time I was ignoring most of the smart tools of the platform. I prefer digging data myself, even If I have to use some old-fashioned methods. But with Audiences 2.0, I changed my mind and gave it a go. After all, retargeting has proven to be effective for marketers. For the test, I picked my favorite vertical – crypto.

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#1 The Test Goal

I wanted my test to show if a custom audience collected from the relevant campaign via the Audiences 2.0 tool can give you a better CR and lower CPA like it’s said in the feature description.

By this time, I already had some active crypto campaigns, collecting a small audience of users who have clicked on my crypto Push Notifications.  

I just needed to launch a new campaign targeted at the “crypto” audience and compare its results with my other campaigns targeting a wide audience.

#2 The Offer

Campaign duration: 02/07-26/07

I chose for the test my favorite offer. The offer has a well-made landing page that is the same in most of the CPA networks (as far as I’m concerned), but when it comes to crypto, you know you can do magic with the right success story pre-lander, that I prefer not to share, bc it’s still bringing me great CR. 

The landing page looks like this: 


As for the conversions flow, with Bitcoin Code, you get paid for FTD, but this is the stats I’m not ready to share yet, so let’s just stick to the number of leads that will be obvious enough to see if the audiences work.

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#3 Creatives

For Push Notification, I had to come up with a banner and a short message. I used multiple images with different approaches of “luxury life”: cars, private jets, yachts, money, etc.

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With ES targeting, you have to keep in mind that users traditionally engage way better with ads in their language. So don’t hesitate to translate your texts.

I used my top converting message and translated it to Spanish. 

Title: Everyone is talking about him!

Text: A Spanish guy earns $643 per day

propellerads - audiences case study - push example - crypto

#4 Campaign Settings & Strategy: 

One of the campaigns was launched with a wide targeting, using all PropellerAds traffic.

The second campaign was with the same settings but targeting my custom “crypto” audience (clicked my previous crypto ads).

Spoiler: to get the most out of the retargeting audience (as it’s obviously smaller than the wide targeting), I later increased the CPC by 2 times compared with the “cold” campaign. 

Settings of both campaigns: 

Format: classic Push Notifications
OS: Mobile, Android
Platform: mobile, desktop 
Bidding: CPC 
Budget: $75 daily for the campaign with cold audiences, $50 daily for my custom audiences

#5 Optimization and First Insights 

The first big difference that I noticed was in the CTR: cold traffic creatives showed 0,06%; meanwhile, the custom audience’s creatives CTR was 0,35%. I blacklisted some placements in my general campaign, though I still didn’t get even a little bit closer to the CTR and CPA of my “crypto” custom audience. Check out the screenshot: 

General campaign:  $446 
Audience campaign: $89

General campaign: $34,94
Audience campaign: $6,75

The cost per lead (CPA in stats) I got in the retargeting (“crypto” audience) campaign was 6 times cheaper than with the general push campaign, even though I had to increase the CPC to get the most out of the small retargeting audience.

General campaign: 13
Audience campaign: 13

#6 My Conclusions about the Audiences

  • They work! And they can really get you much cheaper conversions. Creatives in the retargeting campaign showed CTR 5.5 times higher. Despite the fact that I had to increase CPC, the lead in the audience campaign was 6 times cheaper than in the general campaign! 
  • To get such results, you need to do your homework properly and collect relevant audiences, so I recommend starting it now 😉 Try to make it as big as possible. You can collect audiences from several campaigns at a time. 

Experiment with your audiences, and you might have even better results! 

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