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repeat conversions report

Retargeting Converted Audiences: Are These The Verticals You’re Looking For?

Explore verticals with retargeting strategies. Optimize engagement and conversions. Discover if they match your goals!

retargeting webinar

[Webinar] Retargeting Strategies: How YOU Can Increase Your CR and Lower YOUR Costs

Discover powerful retargeting tactics to amplify conversions and reduce expenses. Join our webinar now!

case study - audience 2 - test drive

Test Drive: Getting Cheaper Leads with Audiences 2.0

Since the tool was released, we saw many of our partners started using it in campaigns. So we asked one of them to share his experience with the Audiences 2.0

Audiences 2 - retargeting
Platform Updates

Audiences 2.0: New Retargeting Toolbox

Meet Audiences 2.0 - a set of tools aimed at helping you create custom audiences and enjoy the most precise targeting you can find at Propeller

Retargeting_All_Formats image
Platform Updates

Rejoice: Cross-Format Retargeting is Now Available

No more obstacles, our retargeting now works with EVERY ad format, meaning that you can create custom audiences using any ad format

pre-lead generation
Popunder Ads

Pre-lead Generation | Advanced Retargeting Strategy for Onclick Popunder + [Real Cases]

Today, we are spelling out how Popunder can be transformed from a dull, outdated advertising technique to a powerful and versatile marketing instrument

29 Question-You-Asked
Affiliate Marketing

Push Notifications Webinar: 29 Tricky Questions You Asked

Join our webinar tackling 29 challenging questions on push notifications. Get expert insights and solutions to optimize your strategy. Don't miss out!

Star_Wars banner
Affiliate Marketing

4 Ways to Awaken Your Advertising Campaign Force with Star Wars

Harness the power of Star Wars to elevate your advertising strategy. Awaken creativity and captivate audiences with iconic themes and characters

propellerads - retargeting
Advanced Tutorials

How to get your Google and paid traffic back with Retargeting (Infographic)

Recover lost Google paid traffic effectively using retargeting tactics. Learn how to engage past visitors and boost conversions. Take back control!

propellerads - retargeting
Platform Updates

PropellerAds launches Retargeting advertising solution

Discover the new retargeting advertising solution by PropellerAds, empowering your marketing strategies with precision targeting and improved ROI

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