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Rejoice: Cross-Format Retargeting is Now Available

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For all those fans of custom audiences out there – we have news you absolutely need to know.

No more obstacles, our retargeting now works with EVERY ad format, meaning that you can create custom audiences using any ad format you like and get even MORE conversions.

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How does it work?

Our retargeting is pixel-based, so you can build a custom audience and re-engage with anonymous visitors of your website/ landing page.

The pixel is a piece of code installed on the back-end of your website, and you can add it to any page you need to track.

For example, you have a nutra website with multiple offers: weight loss, vitamins, sports supplements, etc. You plan to build an audience of people who are interested in sports supplements – in order to do that, you should add the pixel to the sports supplements category page.

Important! Apart from categorizing visitors thematically, you can also apply special conditions like the duration of visit, activity on the page (e.g., whether a user clicked), and so on.

What’s new?

If before retargeting was only available for Onclick ad format, now you can build audiences using Push Notifications, Native ads, and Interstitials.

  • Push notifications – ensure total reach, even when users are not browsing. Perfect for the on-the-go users.
  • Native ads – get a highly relevant audience.
  • Interstitials – acquire the audience that is very active and engaged.

Why do you need to retarget?

Here’s how advertisers and affiliates usually use retargeting (and you can do the same):

1. Saving all this money

When launching retargeting campaigns, you deal with a perfectly primed audience, who have already engaged with your website/landing page and know what your offer is all about.

Most likely they are already interested in whatever you offer…they just need a little extra push to convert:)

2. Making it personal

Retargeting allows you to personalize your ads, thus, increase their effectiveness. Remember our example with sports supplements? With retargeting, you can serve the ads that match users’ interests.

3. “Reuse” expensive traffic from other sources

Purchasing expensive traffic from social, search and display networks? There’s a cheaper option to get them ALL back – with our cross-format retargeting.

What’s even more impressive – it’s so easy to get the attention of the target users, they don’t even have to browse, we can reach them via Push Notifications delivered directly to their device.

Some retargeting ideas to steal

What sorts of campaigns and creatives work well with retargeting? According to our immense experience, that’s what works great:

  • Offers people were looking for before (to remind them)
  • Complementary products and services
  • Deals, discounts, special promos
  • The sense of urgency to boost conversions

How to set up? Please follow our detailed guide and start playing with your new tools!

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