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Blend in. Native Ads for Advertisers are Here

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Breathe out, it’s here!

Native Ad Widgets – the new ad format is finally joining the stellar lineup of native promo tools. Today, we have opened up an option to launch Native campaigns to all our advertisers.

Native ads. What’s that?

It’s time to discuss what Native ads are.

Native ads, in essence, are content widgets placed at the most viewed parts of the webpage.

Each Native ad has these two elements:

  • Title (up to 65 characters)
  • Image (492 x 328 px; jpg or png)

Optionally, you can also add another element – Description as some websites choose to display it.

_NativeAds_how it works

What about pricing?

Native ads offer flexible pricing options: you can choose between launching CPС or CPM campaigns. The prices look quite tempting as well:

  • Min. bid for CPC is $0.005
  • Min. bid for CPM is $0.01

6 Reasons to love PropellerAds NativeAds

Still not sold on Native Ads? We have asked advertisers from the focus group for feedback and found out that there are 6 primary reasons why they love Native Ads. Here’s what they say.

1. NativeAds capture MORE attention

It’s been estimated that Native ads generate the highest engagement rates compared to traditional banners and capture 40% more attention due to their positioning and relevance.

What’s the mechanism making these ads perform better? Native ads present advertisers with an opportunity to launch non-intrusive and more precise ad campaigns that are relevant to the surrounding website content, while the visual style allows them to blend in (widget looks just like organic content).

2. You pay only for REAL impressions/clicks

We make sure that advertisers pay only for authentic clicks and impressions. How does it work?

Let’s say a user was randomly scrolling the webpage where your ad was placed. If he saw less than 50% of the ad widget and spent less than 2 seconds looking at your ad – you are not paying for this impression.

We also have implemented the Misclick detection technology, which protects advertisers from accidental or random clicks.

Here’s an example of the typical misclick: a user has clicked the ad but instantly returned to the initial page. Obviously,  this kind of interaction can’t be considered a quality one; you are not paying for all sessions that last less than 2 seconds.

misclick detection

3. NativeAds are marked as sponsored Content

Content (offers) listed in the widget is clearly marked as “Ad content,”  this way a user isn’t being deceived, and clearly understands, that it is, in fact, an advertisement.

How do advertisers benefit from this enhanced transparency? Less “random” clicks translate into higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

4. Users enjoy increased relevance

Native advertising proves that cutting annoying ads and increasing the relevance of ad content inevitably produces heightened ROI.

Native ads don’t disrupt a user’s online experience, because the ad’s topic is precisely matching the organic content of the website.

5. NativeAds are immune to AdBlock

This new ad format represents a new philosophy for promoting offers and communicating with users: no forced clicks, no popups, no automatic redirection – the things users hate are eliminated.

Instead, Native Ads offer quality content with a focus on relevancy. No job for adblockers here.

Just in case, we have adblock bypassing technology so you have a wider audience at your disposal.

6. Fully responsive ads

With Native Ads, advertisers have an opportunity to reach the audience no matter what device they use. Native ads automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen, so they always look great and engaging.

Killer stats to consider

It’s not just about our focus group, Native ads are a massive trend, and statistics prove that this format is going to be there for a long haul.

  • Viewers spend nearly the same amount of time reading editorial content and native ads.
  • Purchase intent is 53% higher with native ads.
  • Native mobile ads deliver 6X higher conversions for brands versus traditional banner ads.
  • 52% of users say they are more likely to look at a native than a banner ad.

UPD: Here’s a new tool for Native ads! Smart Rotator + Target CPA

Ready to launch your first native campaign?

You can already find it in your campaign creation form. Go to the “Campaigns” tab on your dashboard and then click on “Create Campaign.” That easy!

Propeller Ads - advertiser_Native Ads

Ready to test our sparkling new ad format? Share your experience with us on our Telegram chat and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter (we have more awesome stuff coming up!).

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