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Sparkling Native Updates: Smart Rotator + Target CPA

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Even though summer is thought to be a slow season for affiliate marketers, we don’t gear down – meet our burning hot self-service platform updates.

This week, we introduce two essential tools for Native ads:

  • Smart Rotator
  • Target CPA

These features are already familiar to Push Notifications fans, and now those of you who were looking to automate Native ads can finally breathe out – the era of manual optimization is over!

Let’s look in detail into how exactly Smart Rotator and Target CPA can be used to build profitable Native campaigns.

Smart Rotator for Native Ads

Smart Rotator is a tool allowing not only to test creatives, but also to optimize campaigns based on creatives’ performance.

How does it work?

You can read the detailed overview in our post here. But if you are not into reading long texts, here’s a quick summary of what you should know:

  • Your Native campaigns can now contain up to 8 creative sets – it greatly simplifies testing.
  • With CPC bidding + Smart Rotator, you are getting an auto-optimization tool that pares down all underperforming creative sets. This way only the best creatives are getting traffic and you are not wasting your ad spend on creatives that won’t make the cut.
  • With CPM + Smart Rotator, you can effortlessly A/B test your creatives and get messaging and images right for every target audience. The algorithm is set to allocate equal traffic volumes to every ad set. Time to test your ideas!

All in all, testing ensures accurate reading of what in fact motives a user to click or convert – that’s why our statistics got a new look: check how many impressions, clicks, conversions each creative set receives. Right next to these numbers, you can see a banner and an ad copy preview.

Target CPA for Native Ads

Finally, you can optimize Native campaigns according to the target price per conversion you are ready to pay.

You can read a full overview of Target CPA here, and also watch our webinar about this feature.

The algorithm automatically excludes traffic segments aka slices (Ad zone + GEO + OS) that don’t deliver conversions at target price or those that fall short of your expectations (none or very low conversions).

How does auto-optimization work?

  • First, the system starts collecting statistics – it takes at least an hour. So, if you decide to change any settings – it will take another hour for the changes to be implemented.
  • The process of entire campaign optimization never ends because the system adds new sources. You can see that a certain traffic segment is optimized when a fire or a snowflake symbol appears next to the Zone ID.

Here are a few things needed to launch a Native Target CPA Campaign:

  • (!) S2S (postback) tracking set up
  • A Native ad campaign with CPC bidding model selected
  • “Automatic optimization” enabled (“Countries & Bid” section in the campaign’s settings)
  • Target CPA (price per conversion) determined

Ready to play with your new Native tools?


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