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NEW FEATURES | Smart Rotator for Push Notifications and Time Zone Targeting

smart rotator for push notifications

We are stoked to announce that the wait is finally over and we are releasing a new, revolutionary optimization tool for your favorite ad format – Push ads.

Smart Rotator for Push Notifications is now available on our Self-Serve Platform.

But wait, what’s Smart Rotator?

The What and Why of Smart Rotator

Smart Rotator is a testing and optimization tool that allows you to upload up to 8 creative ad sets, find the best-performing ones, scale and optimize Push campaigns.

Before, each Push campaign could contain only one set of creatives:

  • Images (Icon, banner image) and an ad copy (Title and description)

Obviously, A/B testing was fully manual (that’s not so effective, we know); it required too much time to launch multiple campaigns, and we aren’t even talking about optimization.

With this new release out, advertisers get more instruments to analyze ad performance data, more flexibility in managing individual ad settings, and more time for productive work with auto-optimization.

Smart Rotator Highlights

1. You can use up to 8 creative sets in one Push campaign

A bigger number of creative sets enables you to run as many experiments as you need in order to improve your conversion rates.

This option also reduces the time required to set up the tests. In other words, you don’t have to create 8 different campaigns; instead, you can create one campaign with individual frequency settings for each creative set.

Smart rotator _ campaign creation form

How to add more creatives?

  • Every Push should contain an icon, title, and a description. The banner image remains optional.
  • If you have multiple creative sets in one campaign, you can disable separate sets without having to stop the entire campaign and sending it for re-moderation.

2. Auto-optimization & A/B testing of each multi-creative campaign

No one wants to spend money on ads that don’t convert well. Smart Rotator is a tool that can both optimize and test your creatives, depending on the bidding model you choose.

CPC Bidding

Smart Rotator coupled with CPC bidding ensures that only the best creatives are getting traffic.

As soon as the campaign is launched, the traffic is evenly allocated between all creative sets. Meanwhile, the algorithm starts to analyze which creatives are the most engaging – were people clicking?

After 1000 views, the traffic is redistributed in favor of creative sets with the higher CTR. Refine your ad campaigns on the fly. No more overspending for non-effective campaigns!

how smart rotator works

CPM Bidding

With CPM bidding, Smart Rotator turns into a perfect A/B testing tool. In this case, each ad creative is getting equal traffic volumes, and you have a laboratory-like environment for testing your creative ad sets.

3. Get detailed statistics for each creative set

To run data-driven tests of your ideas, you need to have relevant, real-time insights at hand. That’s why we have developed a detailed statistics dashboard for Push campaigns with multiple creative sets.

If you need to track, the traffic token is {bannerid}.

See how each creative set performs: impressions, clicks, conversions. Right next to these numbers, you can see a banner and an ad copy preview.

Detailed stats_Smart rotator_

Time Zone targeting for ALL ad formats

As a perfect complement to Smart Rotator, we also release a Time Zone targeting option, available for all ad formats.

Ads’ delivery times are now based on the user’s time zone instead of the advertiser’s time zone setting.

This way you can reach users at specific times, taking into consideration when your target audience is the most active.

time zone targeting

Ready to test these new tools to get the best results from your Push Notification campaigns? Share your impressions in the comment section below!

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