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Expand Your Creativity with Banner Images for Native Push Notifications


Following the release of our first Native Ad Format – Push ads, PropellerAds is now expanding your advertising capabilities with the further format enhancements. Starting today, you can use Banner Images to make your Native Push Notifications even more impressive.

What is a Banner Image?

Banner image is a large image that appears below the notification’s title and message. This feature works in Google Chrome browser (both desktop and Android versions).

Here’s how your ad message can look like with Banner image:

How banner images look like

Standard Push Notifications vs. Push Notification with a Banner Image

How can you send Push Notifications with Banner images?

The option to add a Banner image is already available on our platform. To be confident that users see the message the way you intended it to look, make sure to select the targeting options that support this feature (Google Chrome Desktop or Android). Users of other browsers will see a short version of the Push Notification that was available previously: an icon, title, and a description.

Get creative:

Create campaign _ Propeller Ads - advertiser

Pay attention to the following specifications:

  • The dimensions of the Banner image should be 360x240px. For Retina displays, it is recommended to use 720x480px.
  • To fit the container, smaller images will be upscaled, and larger images will be downscaled.

Why are Banner Images for Push notifications a breakthrough?

Banner images are an ultimate way to grab the attention without extra effort. Human brain processes images at mind-blowing speed: we can recognize a familiar object within 100 milliseconds. Advertising-wise that opens an exciting opportunity to convey a personalized message in a single frame and encourage engagement:

banner image for push notifications_finance

  • Show your product – if you are promoting eCommerce offer
  • Post a compelling image to promote your content
  • Send a chart with the dramatic market moves – if you have finance products

The analytics data shows that Banner images significantly improve Click-Through rates: we have noticed a 32% increase on average.

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