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Propellerads_how to ab test based on data
Guest Expert

A/B Testing: How to Optimize Based on Your Data?

In this post, we will analyze how to properly conduct an A/B test and, more importantly, how to implement the conclusions of our tests in our advertising campaigns.

how to Structure affiliate marketing campaigns
Guest Expert

Jitendra Vaswani about Structuring Affiliate Marketing Campaigns [Beginner’s Edition]

Want to get started with affiliate marketing and want to promote your product? In this article, I will be talking about the necessary steps that you must take to get star...

smart rotator for push notifications
Platform Updates

NEW FEATURES | Smart Rotator for Push Notifications and Time Zone Targeting

We are stoked to announce that the wait is finally over and we are releasing a new, revolutionary optimization tool for your favorite ad format – Push Notifications.Sma...

Propellerads - how to do AB testing

Intro to How to Conduct Effective A/B Ad Testing

Split testing can help you improve different aspects of your ads’ performance. For example, you can conduct A/B testing based on the type of device consumers are using....