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Tutorials for Beginners

Affiliate Myth Buster: Do I Need Auto-Optimization?

We’ll take a look at the benefits of using auto-optimization features and give you tips to help you understand when you leverage these in your campaigns

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Insights: How to Make Money with Smartlink? [+ Case Study]

Smartlink reduces your optimization efforts, makes testing preciser, and uses machine learning algorithms to make your campaigns profitable

rule-based optimization
Platform Updates

Rule-Based Campaigns: Transparent and Simple Auto-Optimization

No more manual bidding and zone exclusion - we present a new Rule-Based feature for auto-optimization. Save your time, protect your budget!

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Tutorials for Beginners

Get More With Less: CPA Goal for Push

Maximize ROI with Push Ads! Learn how to set CPA goals for efficient campaigns, getting more results with minimal investment. Start optimizing now!

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Platform Updates

CPA GOAL for Push, Onclick & Interstitials|Fully Automated Optimization for Fine-Tuned Campaigns

Achieve CPA targets effortlessly with fully automated optimization for Push & Onclick campaigns. Maximize ROI hassle-free!

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[Webinar] Auto-Optimization Bootcamp: CPA Goal 2.0 (Beginner-Friendly!)

Join our beginner-friendly Webinar Bootcamp 2.0 for CPA Goal mastery. Learn auto-optimization strategies to elevate your success! Register now!

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FREE Webinar| How to Optimize with Target CPA for Push Notifications

Learn expert strategies in our free webinar on optimizing push notifications using Target CPA. Unlock higher conversions and engagement. Register now!

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Platform Updates

NEW FEATURES | Smart Rotator for Push Notifications and Time Zone Targeting

Optimize engagement with Smart Rotator, delivering push notifications tailored to time zones. Maximize reach and relevance with precision targeting