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Affiliate Insights: How to Make Money with Smartlink? [+ Case Study]


Can Smartlink make your affiliate marketing strategies smarter? Well, indeed – it has such a name for a reason. This feature reduces your optimization efforts, makes testing preciser, and uses machine learning algorithms to make your campaigns relevant and profitable.

As such, your affiliate marketing life becomes easier. And smarter. However, does Smartlink have pitfalls? We’ll analyze all pros and cons to consider it in all its bearings.

Let’s find out more about Smartlink and see if you can include it in your arsenal today. Read the article to the end – we have prepared some stats from our real customer for dessert. 

Smartlink is a pretty popular feature and you can easily find it in the majority of CPA networks. The principle of this tool is more or less the same, so let’s discuss it. 

The main thing about Smartlink is an advanced algorithm that unites numerous different offers under a single link. When a user clicks the link, the traffic is being split around offers with the highest EPC (earnings per click). Smartlink includes thousands of offers and processes numerous campaigns per day. 

To show the most relevant offers to your audience, the feature takes various variables into account – user’s device type, GEO, browser, previous requests, etc. Smartlink accesses cookies to get this information.

For instance, the feature adapts to visitors’ GEO and language, connection type, etc., and in case they came from Finance-related websites, Smartlink will present a relevant vertical-related offer to increase conversion chances. 

Smartlink algorithms are self-learning and they usually make conclusions and predictions to boost performance. As such, Smartlink usually needs some time to actually learn – the more impressions you get, the smarter algorithms become.  

And now let’s discuss the key pluses and minuses of Smartlink: 

Strong optimization
Smartlink is automated. It will make your campaigns perform better with time, while you won’t have to apply any manual efforts. Leaving all the optimization hustle to machine learning algorithms is a great idea, isn’t it?
No early income
Maybe, the main reason why affiliates are not very inspired by Smartlink is the following: you have to wait for a while until the results show up. Indeed, Smartlink cannot be called the fastest way to get income – algorithms need time to learn. However, once they are trained enough, your income will be stable. 
Focused work
Smartlink is really smart – this tool is never about taking a musket to kill a butterfly. The work is focused, so campaigns that can boast of high CTR can count on more traffic. 
High requirements
Launching a campaign, make sure that your creatives are high-quality. Policies rarely allow poor creatives for Smartlink.  
Fits all targeting parameters
Smartlink works for all GEOs, languages, browsers, platforms, and verticals. Imagine which scope you can cover.
Traffic Back understanding is a must
It doesn’t make too much sense to work with Smartlink unless you have vast experience with Traffic Back. The idea of Smartlink is to optimize your campaign maximally and help you deal with remnant traffic. As such, your task is to adjust all Traffic Back settings wisely to get more profit.
Mistargeting issue solved
This feature also works to redirect mistargeted users and help you monetize traffic that appears to be irrelevant. This way, you get a chance to make the most of your remnant traffic. 
No immediate access
As a rule, the Smartlink feature is not something you can get right away. Before managers provide access to Smartlink, affiliates usually have to work for a while with a regular campaign and reach satisfying results. 

Let’s sum up. As you see, Smartlink is great for optimization, it solves the mistargeting problems, uses machine learning algorithms for maximal accuracy, etc. However, make sure that you know how to set Traffic Back before you start and be patient – Smartlink is not about fast income. 

Our partners from Zeydoo have a great Smartlink feature, so we can recommend it as an advanced and reliable option. How to start your campaign and make money with Smartlink? Easy!

  • Create a Zeydoo account
  • Choose the offers and work with them for a while
Propellerads - how to find offers in zeydoo

Please, mind that you should make at least $100 to start a campaign and test, since a smaller sum is impossible to work with – Smartlink won’t be able to detect the right strategies.

  • Contact your manager and request Smartlink
  • In case your application is accepted, you will start working with Traffic Back soon
propellerads - zeydoo smartlink

Make sure to adjust all the Traffic Back settings to meet the financial expectations of your campaign.

  • Stay in touch with the Customer Support team and get fast help whenever you need it

Smartlink is access to truly luxury and exclusive offers that are not available to regular clients. Getting access to them is your chance to make a huge step forward in your affiliate marketing journey.

Case of our real customer

And here comes the sweetest part – statistics. The case belongs to one of our affiliates, whose choice was Smartlink from the very beginning of his marketing journey. 

His chosen GEO is Vietnam and the campaign started in September (it is still active). Here is how his campaign looked from the very beginning:

2021/09/29152 886517$46.70
2021/09/30186 794332$49.24
2021/09/28268 510269$95.71
2021/10/02285 67951$113.42
2021/10/03519 08057$213.39
2021/10/01595 31529$215.58
2021/10/06740 042307$268.84

So, what do we see? From $46 to $268 in a month – our customer’s profit grew six times and there is more. As he didn’t stop using Smartlink, his results became even more significant. Let’s check his current numbers:

2021/10/25899 273774$453.19
2021/10/19942 573390$484.92
2021/10/221 132 0811 052$521.47
2021/10/26977 5511 498$528.81
2021/10/23912 335661$536.10

These numbers reflect the essence of the feature – revenue grows gradually, but significantly. By the way, our customer is so inspired by Smartlink that he has recommended this feature to his brother and now both are scooping up cash. 

Well, if you would like to repeat the success of our customer, then don’t be afraid to try something new and switch to Smartlink today. As you can see, this feature is your chance to grow your profit several-fold in a couple of months. Totally worth it! Good luck with your future campaigns!

Willing to discuss Smartlink with the affiliate community? Hurry up and join our Telegram chat then!


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