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For Publishers & Affiliates: What is TrafficBack and How Does it Work?


Let’s attempt to answer the question on everyone’s mind: how to monetize ALL your traffic. You know all too well that as a rule (a weird rule, but still), a certain portion of your traffic sometimes goes to the trash bin and doesn’t bring you anything but regret.

“Why?” you may ask. Because your primary monetization method failed to perform (Not the GEOs, OS, or devices advertisers were looking for or any other mistarget that can happen). So, how about we try to fix this situation with a new tool – TrafficBack?

Intrigued? Whom are you trying to fool, we bet you are!

What is TrafficBack?

TrafficBack by is an innovative way to monetize users, which, for any reason, didn’t want to subscribe to push notifications.

Yes, TrafficBack is your second chance to monetize ALL traffic if your main monetization method – Push Subscriptions – didn’t work out. 

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Who can benefit?

Since we are talking monetization, obviously, publishers working with affiliate links can take advantage of this feature. But not only! This time, affiliates can also join the party and profit with TrafficBack. How?

Okay, we need an example here.

Say you do media buying, and you also monetize your landing page with push subscriptions (Smart!). A user comes to your landing page and agrees to subscribe. Good for you – you’ll get paid. And if he doesn’t subscribe? What if he blocks the opt-in request or comes from the OS that doesn’t support classic Push notifications? (iOS, for example). You would lose your money… but you don’t have to.

If you have the TrafficBack in place, you can still make money no matter what.

The mechanism behind the TrafficBack

After a user is shown an opt-in request, no matter the outcome of this interaction – he is redirected to the relevant offer. The offers are coming from advertisers and selected by the PropellerAds intelligent Rotation Algorithm to match the GEO, OS, and platform.

Here’s a handy scheme:

Propellerads - trafficback - how it works

How to use it?

There are multiple ways you can use TrafficBack. The Head of platform, Karina Arkhangelskaya, recommends using TrafficBack in the following cases:

  • after the subscription is allowed
  • after the subscription is blocked
  • if a user closes the subscription window or swipes it away on mobile
  • if a user is already subscribed 
  • if a user comes from the unsupported target (OS, platform, browser)

To put it briefly, both publishers and affiliates can make additional money using TrafficBack.

  • Publishers earning with affiliate links can achieve a “deeper” and more sophisticated monetization flow that can better adapt to user’s behavior and preferences. According to our statistics, adding TrafficBack usually results in an extra +20% monetization profit for publishers.
  • Meanwhile, affiliates will ensure that the money they’ve already spent on traffic doesn’t go in vain. You are giving yourself a second chance to earn with every user, even if this user was not interested in your initial offer.

When TrafficBack might not be suitable?

Although TrafficBack is a great instrument, it’s not suitable for every situation.

Publishers with websites/webmasters, in particular, should be really careful. For example, if you own a content website, you don’t want users to leave the page after they subscribe to Push – you want them to read as many pages as possible.

In other words, if your website is all about affiliate links or if you monetize a landing page designed for push subscribers collection, TrafficBack will be just the right solution for you. But in case of content websites, you should look for more traditional monetization methods.

Where to find TrafficBack?

TrafficBack lives in, and this feature is super easier to set up. Have a look: - TrafficBack

TLTR: All the important stuff in one paragraph

  • TrafficBack is the second chance to monetize traffic, even if a user didn’t subscribe to push notifications
  • TrafficBack works perfectly for both publishers earning with affiliate links and affiliates
  • Publishers working with affiliate links can achieve a “deeper”, more sophisticated monetization flow and add an extra +20% to their profits
  • Affiliates can get a second chance to profit from traffic that they’ve already purchased
  • This feature lets you monetize ALL traffic (no matter the GEO, OS or device): users are redirected to relevant offers, selected by our intelligent rotation algorithm

Want to know more about TrafficBack – Download a FREE guide on all cool features offers!


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