Rethinking Monetization: Native Subscriptions are Now Available to Publishers

go native with push notifications

Customers have enormous power over the ways advertising develops, and in the light of the recent Google Chrome updates, it’s essential for publishers to work with ad formats that provide a non-intrusive ad experience and easy monetization.

The PropellerAds team was working on combining new advertising opportunities with user-centric content and found out that the best solution would to build upon technology that users are already familiar with.

Today we are thrilled to announce the long-awaited launch of a new monetization solution – Native Subscriptions (Push Notifications).

What makes Native Subscriptions an ideal ad format for traffic monetization?

Luckily, there is a new must-have tool for your arsenal. Native Subscriptions (Push Notifications) is an ad format with the user in mind that makes it one of the top performing formats for nearly any audience or niche.

A non-intrusive native ad format

This format is extremely user-friendly. Delivered directly to your user’s device, Native Subscriptions don’t obscure text and images on the webpage or disrupt the flow of reading. They correspond users’ interests, bringing higher engagement and, as a result, higher CPM for publishers.

Another key fact to remember is that this format is non-intrusive: user knowingly subscribes to Push Notifications and starts receiving updates once a day. According to our research, this frequency drives the best results for both publishers and advertisers.

How push notifications work

High CPM rates and passive income

Talking about money, here’s another way you can benefit from this ad format. Adding Native Subscriptions ensures a lifelong income stream for a publisher. Users receive notifications even when they are not browsing your site or interacting with an app.

AdSense compatible

What’s more, this new native ad format is fully compatible with every other ad type (Context, display, native, etc.). Native Subscriptions do not violate AdSense policies and can be used alongside the ads, served by other advertising networks. Notably, Native Subscriptions do not decrease the profits from other ad formats as they don’t take up space on your website or redirect users to different sites.

Premium and engaging ads

Your visitors will receive only the highest-quality ads. Forget about annoying spam or irrelevant messages; we are working with reputable international companies that value the audience’s attention.

How to add PropellerAds’ Native Subscriptions to your website?

The process of adding Native Subscriptions (Push Notifications) to your website is extremely simple: all you have to do is generate a unique code and paste it into your blog or website HTML.

Add Web Push Notifications - Step #1

Follow the instructions on the next screen to get your code properly installed on HTTP or HTTPS websites.

If you need any assistance with getting ad codes installed on your website – contact your Personal Manager or our support team from your account via Tickets or Live Chat.

How long does it take to start making profits?

Your first earnings from Native Subscriptions will appear in your PropellerAds statistics 24 hours after you have added the code. This time is needed to build a subscriber list.

During this period, your subscribers won’t receive promotional materials from our advertisers. After 24 hours, your subscribers will start getting Native Subscriptions from advertisers. Our research has revealed that such a schedule is the most beneficial for publishers from a financial point of view and ensures higher earnings growth rate.

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