A Survival Guide to Google Chrome’s Native Ad Blocker

google chrome native ad blocker

In less than a month, Google will be releasing their updated Ad Experience Report. Starting on February 15, Google Chrome is planning to remove all the ads from sites that have a “failing” status in the Ad Experience Report.

Changes came as no surprise to PropellerAds team. Over the last months, the team has been working tirelessly to ensure that all our traffic monetization solutions are fully complying with the Google’s new requirements.

Would these changes affect you as a publisher?

Although these updates might sound disturbing, there’s no reason to worry. The advertising industry is constantly being forced to transform through regulations and emerging technologies.

PropellerAds feels responsible for protecting the interests of our clients. This is why we have developed guidelines to address the implications of the upcoming Google Chrome update.

1) PropellerAds OnClick Ads are successfully passing Google checks

We have taken care of the ad formats that might be affected by the latest Google Chrome’s updates. PropellerAds’ experts have carefully analyzed the data in our possession and optimized the ad formats so your website can successfully pass the Ad Experience review.

If you received an email from Google, stating that your website violates Better Ads standards – do not panic! According to Google’s statement, you have at least 30 days to fix the “violations” once they have been identified.

Simply resubmit your site for review using Google’s Ad Experience Report Tool. The second review will most likely solve all existing issues.

If you didn’t receive any email notifications from Google, you could check your website’s current status or request a manual review from Google Search Console here.

Google Ad Experience Report

Should you experience problems with passing the review, please contact our support or your account manager for further guidance.  Don’t forget to attach the screenshot of the message you received in Ad Experience Report section to speed up the process.

2) Get around AdBlockers with Anti-AdBlock 3.0

If you are concerned about maintaining high revenues from the current ad formats even after February 15, we strongly recommend that you install a highly efficient Anti-AdBlock technology, developed by PropellerAds specialists.

Adblock Bypass

Unlike similar solutions, PropellerAds Anti-AdBlock is a way to nearly completely mitigate the negative consequences of the upcoming Google’s update.

This unique technology delivers unmatched performance and is capable of bypassing all popular Adblock plugins and keeping your income growing.

3) Diversify your revenue sources with PropellerAds new ad formats

To diversify the revenue streams, we recommend a powerful monetization solution – Push Ads! This brand new non-intrusive ad format is 100% compliant with the Google’s new requirements and is already available for all our Publishers on our Self-Serve Platform. This ad format not just drives exceptional results for publishers, but also improves website SEO ranking, boosting your traffic.

Altogether, the statistics demonstrate that using various formats for additional monetization can increase publisher’s revenues by an average of 30-40% in less than a month.

Web push notifications

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