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Cookie Apocalypse: The Countdown Is Already On

Google announced that third-party cookies from its Chrome browser will be blocked next year. How to survive this cookie Apocalypse? Let's discuss

Affiliate Marketing

What’s Going on with Google Chrome: User Analytics and Insights

Google Chrome is the most popular browser around the world. We have prepared Chrome user analytics and insights to make your campaigns more profitable.

chrome 86 - push notifications

What Should Publishers Know About the Chrome 86 Update?

Google has recently announced a new update called Chrome 86 that may have put some publishers on edge. But do not panic!

one month after chrome

Okay Google, What’s with Subscription Volumes & Chrome 80?

What was hailed as a doomsday browser update, actually turned out to be one of the best Chrome updates for publishers. We’ve talked to our monetization experts, big and...


Chrome 80 Explained: How it Affects Push Notifications & Your Earnings

Less than a week left until Chrome 80 is out in the wild, and publishers should be geared up for whatever Google brings to the table

Will Chrome 80 kill push notifications
Push Traffic

[Affiliate FAQ] Will Chrome 80 Kill Push Notifications?

Google Chrome 80 rolls out next month, and although we cannot say with utmost certainty how the final updates would look like, we’ve summarized some changes

publishers reach to google updates

Publishers React to Google’s Updates: Pricing, Anti-Tracking & Cookies

Facebook and Google, the two biggest publishing companies out there, are starting to crack down on tracking and other tools that are essential to independent publishers.

google chrome native ad blocker

A Survival Guide to Google Chrome’s Native Ad Blocker

Starting on February 15, Google Chrome is planning to remove all the ads from sites that have a “failing” status in the Ad Experience Report