Okay Google, What’s with Subscription Volumes & Chrome 80?

one month after chrome

What was hailed as a doomsday browser update, actually turned out to be one of the best Chrome updates for publishers. 

Although many publishers were deeply concerned with Google “killing Push,” it came out that we were preparing for the storm that never happened. You can find our thorough analysis on Chrome 80 update and predictions here (spoiler: we were right!).

And now you need proof, right?

We’ve talked to our monetization experts, big and niche websites owners, and affiliates about the “Push apocalypse” and how it influenced their income.

Part I. Was there an apocalypse VS. The stats team gave us access to their special statistical report on Q1 Push subscription trends.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • As of the beginning of March 2020, Chrome 80’s Push subscription volumes surpassed ALL the previous Chrome versions.
  • The subscriptions from Chrome 79 are still being collected at a steady pace. The conversion rate in the 79th version is also stable and didn’t change much over the last month.
  • The subscription volumes in Chrome 80 are 5 TIMES bigger than the ones in Chrome 79. emphasizes that while the numbers are overwhelmingly positive, they are monitoring the situation and are ready to adapt their subscription mechanisms at any moment. 

To sum up:

Push notifications are still available, and the update, despite all the negative forecasts, didn’t crash the market.

Part II. What are people saying?

We reached out to our partners, publishers, and affiliates to hear what they have to say about this update. Because, you know, sometimes the stats are one thing, and the reality is another.

Here we go (anonymously, obviously, but if you need more proof – you are welcome to Telegram chat):

  • “Didn’t notice any changes yet. I use scripts for additional monetization of my landing pages – all looks fine with my offer, and with subscriptions as well.”
  • “I think it was just a common panic – nothing really happened.”
  • “Too much noise around this Chrome 80. I have a big enough subscriber database, collected on revshare – and it’s the cornerstone of my income. I didn’t notice any drops in the subscription rate (luckily!). The subscription window opens as usual. I continue to live happily.”
  • “Nothing critical, the 80th version still shows subscription request, just like the 78th one – it’s just too much hype and emotions rather than real changes.”
  • My landing page conversion rate has slightly dropped, but what’s so new about that? In my experience, every new browser update brings a lower conversion rate. So as I see it – it all comes down to landing pages. If they are cool enough to mitigate the consequences of the update. But all these rumors of Push dying out are definitely meaningless.” 

If you’re bored to read all the comments: the majority of publishers and affiliates didn’t notice any changes, but one affiliate marketer mentioned that his conversion rate has slightly dropped.

Part III. What’s now?

As for now, we can continue to monetize and grow our profits 🙂 In the upcoming months, we don’t expect any major changes that could impact publishers’ income.  

Obviously, we are testing all the browser versions (not only Google ones) to optimize the monetization process.

P.S. Push is safe.

Have you noticed any changes? Share with us, how Chrome 80 influenced your monetization income.


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