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What’s Going on with Google Chrome: User Analytics and Insights


Google Chrome is the most popular browser around the globe. Indeed, the main peculiarity of this service is absolute widespreadness – users from Tier-1 GEOs prefer it as much as users from a Tier-3 list.

Chrome is a win-win targeting option for a test, if your offer doesn’t have limitations – it can boast of low traffic prices and huge traffic volumes. It makes sense to work with Chrome no matter which verticals you stick to, but this browser is a perfect field for extensions – the market is huge here.

Those affiliates who stick to this browser are most likely to get their money’s worth from it. And let’s see why! 

Which ad formats are the best for Google Chrome?

Let’s start with the ad formats and see our statistics to find out which ones are the most widespread for Google Chrome:

These statistics are for 22/11/2021

Onclick271 MLN
Push + In-Page Push8 BLN
Interstitials 2 MLN

So, what do the numbers say? Onclick is the most popular format for Chrome campaigns among PropellerAds’ customers. With the ad platform’s inventory, you can work with any GEOs from all Tiers. 

Push notifications and Interstitials can also boast huge audiences. This means that you can choose any ad format regarding your offer and desired flow. 

Pro tip: Combine formats to reach the best results – Push ads + Onclick or Push + Interstitial ads can bring a significant revenue boost together. Each combination is a scheme of engagement and communication with viewers, so why don’t you experiment? 

What about verticals?

If you work with Google Chrome users, then we suggest the following verticals referring to our stats (we list them in the down order):

So, the evergreen Utilities, Finance, and iGaming are three absolute leaders here. However, it doesn’t mean that only these ones work with Chrome. Say, Sweepstakes and Dating are also highly-profitable, but also – less competitive. 

Pro tip: Competitive niches are always extremely appealing due to a striking money turnover. Still, never underestimate the rest – with high-quality creatives and well-adjusted targeting, they can bring you great results, as well. 

Experienced affiliate marketers have no anxiety to work with stuffed verticals, but if you are a newcomer – try something less crowded, like Dating or Extensions.  

And the GEOs? Which ones are widespread around Chrome campaigns?

As for the GEOs, well, to be honest, almost every spot on the world map is presented – people from all countries of the world use Google Chrome. You might be impressed to know that even US users prefer Chrome mostly, even though there are numerous MacBook owners there. Our statistics show that the following GEOs are great to reap your cash harvest (again, the list is in the down order):

  • US, BR, ID, ZA, IN, PH, TH, NG, MX, ES, VN, UA, MY;
  • DE, KE, CA, GB, FR, IT, RU, CO, GH, AU, SA.

As you can see, there are all Tiers presented in this list – the USA, Germany, and France are side by side with Kenya, South Africa, and Mexico. In a word, Google Chrome is omnipresent – you can choose any GEO you like, and this won’t be a mistake.

Pro tip: Still, just like with the verticals, remember about competition and make sure to make your ad campaign really well-thought regarding creatives if you are aiming at a Tier-1 list. Indeed, you will hardly hook the locals with some regular banners.

Which devices and platforms to target? 

Want more stats? We have them! Let’s see what we have regarding mobile and desktop traffic. We checked how it is going with the most winning Chrome format – Onclick. Here we go:

The statistics are for 7/12/2021

Device typeImpressions
Desktop87 179 769
Mobile198 669 694

Both device types show great scope, while mobile is even more accessible.

The statistics are for 7/12/2021

Android192 719 231
Windows78 899 103
iOS6 238 456
Mac OS5 339 844

All hail Android, an absolute leader for all GEOs and verticals. Windows, namely desktop traffic, is in second place. Logically, iOS and Mac OS are the last ones – most iPhone and Mac owners use Safari, so no wonder.

How does a profitable Google Chrome campaign look for today?

Let’s try to imagine a potential successful Google Chrome campaign and reveal some recommendations for a launch:

  • Ad format: Push and In-Page Push ads are really great for Chrome, but you may try launching an Onclick campaign simultaneously. Such a combination will help you cover even more users and, therefore – put more dollars into your pocket;
  • Pricing Model: Our experts recommend choosing CPC or CPA Goal for your Push campaign and CPA Goal for an Onclick one;
  • GEO: Depending on your preferences and experience, you may choose any GEO from the list above, but if you are a newcomer, we suggest Tier-2 options, like Brazil or  Indonesia – they are not very stuffed at the moment, but local users show interest in ads for sure;
  • Platform: As it is clear from our stats, the Google Chrome campaign works best with mobile traffic and Android OS.

Final thoughts

So, Google Chrome is a real king of browsers: the prices are low, the traffic volumes – enormous, as well as a range of popular verticals and GEOs. We suggest targeting this browser whenever you start a campaign and want to test it. 

Also, our experts claim that your testing budget should be average and above – small investments don’t allow you to see the full picture and understand which optimization efforts are necessary.

Have no doubts when targeting Google Chrome users, and may your campaigns bring you huge bags of money! 

And don’t forget to join our Telegram chat! Other affiliates are already sharing their insights there, so hurry up! 


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