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Rule-Based Campaigns: Transparent and Simple Auto-Optimization

rule-based optimization

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We know that your main targets are campaign profitability and accuracy, so we actively implement advanced algorithms into our platform. Smart optimization, outstanding performance, and speedy results – what else does an affiliate need? 

A while ago, we launched the CPA Goal feature for auto-optimization. However, to add even more transparency and precision to the optimization process, we have another efficient tool to present. 

Rule-Based Optimization Best Practices: IF (ROI > 300) {open_wine();} ?

Rule-Based Optimization was designed to help you fine-tune your Push and Interstitials campaigns automatically based on the requirements you have. Let’s get into details.

How does Rule-Based Optimization work?

As an advertiser, you can adjust an auto-rule for your CPC Push ad campaign by a number of parameters. Our system will take them into account, and whenever the requirements are met, the algorithms will take actions to support and improve campaign performance. 

In general, there are two working conditions available, so you can benefit from both or choose one of them only – depending on your needs.

So, how to set the rule? You should start with defining the baseline when your rule is going to be triggered. To do so, you have to set the Spend or Conversion number. Here is what it looks like:


You pick whether Spend or Conversions, then – conditions (higher or lower), and add the sum ($20,5 on the example above). This is your first “if” parameter, but there is also another one. In the second line, you may choose one of the preferred parameters:


The next setting is a period for tracking: 


And the final step is the action our system will take:


You may choose the required sum by which you would like to increase or decrease the bid. Also, set the “stop at” sum to make sure that you stay within comfortable limits.

So, how does the process occur? It follows the formula like this:

If the parameter (Spend or Conversions) is higher or lower than X (your requirement) and if CPA/ROI/CR/Conversions is higher or lower than X (your requirement) within the chosen period (1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days), then the system will take appropriate actions – Increase zone bid, Decrease zone bid or Exclude zone.

As such, you keep focused on the most important points of your campaign, and the system follows your rule to reach the results you expect. 

Please note: currently, you can only adjust a single rule, but we plan to expand the scope, so you will have more options soon.

Three cases when Rule-Based Optimization can help

We created the Rule-Based Optimization feature to solve the main issue of all affiliates – the necessity to change bids and deal with zones manually. Here are three situations when the tool comes in handy:

  • Your campaign shows great results and the CR is pretty high. What should you do? Increase a bid to get more traffic and use CPA as a second parameter to stick to your target CPA. 
  • If some zones don’t bring you any conversions, it doesn’t make sense to keep them. Set the corresponding Conversions parameter (the one that doesn’t really satisfy you) and then pick Exclude Zone action type. Once your Conversions drop, the tool will exclude unnecessary zones and you won’t lose your cash.
  • Also, you may want to decrease CPA to balance your budget without losing conversions. If your CPA is way too high compared to CPS, try to decrease zone bids gradually until it becomes acceptable. 

Manual work can make anyone crazy, so devote your time to other campaign-related activities, while this Rule-Based Optimization will take care of smooth and balanced performance. 

Why should you try Rule-Based Optimization?

So if you don’t want to devote too much time to campaign optimization and prefer relying on automatic optimization under your control, you will find Rule-Based Optimization pretty useful. And there are more reasons to try it out:

– Automatization

With the help of this fresh feature, you can get rid of manual work and stop wasting your time changing bids and excluding zones.

– Control 

You are the one to adjust the parameters regarding your flow and desired results.

– Budget safekeeping

Rule-Based Optimization protects you from overspending and unreasonably high CPA.

– Efficient scaling

If your campaign is already on the roll and performs well, you can set the rule to increase the bid. This way, you get more traffic automatically if your campaign shows high CR and ROI.

– Smart testing 

To test new targeting options for your current offer efficiently, you can set the rule based on your previous campaigns and limit some of the parameters, like CPA, ROI, and CR.

How to find the Rule-Based Optimization feature? 

Finding and activating the Rule-Based Optimization tool is super-easy. Take a look:


You can find the tool right in your PropellerAds account, just open it and scroll a bit down. Set the rules and that’s all!

Rule-Based Optimization is a key to customized and precise campaigns with automatically-adjusted behavior. It makes sense to focus on the most important layers of your campaign, like testing, scaling, and bidding, and rely on advanced algorithms to make it even more profitable. 

Would you agree? Then rush to your PropellerAds cabinet and try this new solution right now!

Cannot wait to share your Rule-Based Optimization experience with other affiliates? Rush to our Telegram chat!


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