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PropellerAds launches Retargeting advertising solution

propellerads - retargeting

It is widely known that not all site visitors purchase, download, deposit and become loyal customers after the first visit to the site. Statistics indicate that more than 98% of visitors leave websites without converting and don’t come back. You’ve probably been digging your analytics for days, changing content and conducting endless A/B tests of your landing pages. Sound familiar?
Things have changed. Now you have the second chance to get them interested and establish a trustworthy dialogue with your prospects. Remind them about you. Provide your audience with relevant information at the proper time and you will be amazed at the results!
PropellerAds Retargeting Solution is an advanced tool that helps advertisers to complete their conversions by bringing site visitors back.
Retargeting allows contact with prospects at every stage of the conversion funnel by providing them with offers for relevant products. This solution can be used, for example, for returning of visitors who just expressed interest in a specific product, but are nearing a purchase decision. Retargeting can also show its effectiveness as a tool for regular information sharing and for promotion of new products.

How does the Retargeting work?


  1. A visitor examines your site (landing page) and browses various services or products. Retargeting pixel code marks him with an unnoticeable browser cookie. The visitor leaves the site without converting and moves on to other online activities.
  2. We find this visitor on other websites and show him your ads, based on the services or products he viewed on your site.
  3. Visitor responds to these ads, returns to your site and completes the desired action. Profit!

How can Retargeting grow your business?

Retargeting is an effective advertising solution for wide range of Online and eCommerce businesses, including industries like Finance, Online Retail, iGaming, Dating, Games, Mobile Development & Publishing etc.
Here are some tips on how you can improve your business with Retargeting:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve conversion and retention rates
  • Enhance your Adwords (and other PPC) campaigns’ ROI
  • Cross-sell to current customers
  • Re-activate your old customers

Retargeting gives your site visitors a kind reminder of your brand. Every time they see your personalized retargeting ads, you gain more recognition. They’re getting to know you, learning to trust you, and moving forward towards making a positive decision. As a result, you get loyal customers, leads, deposits, downloads and signups without overpaying.
While online advertising is most impactful at the top of the funnel, retargeting campaign does play an impactful role in a multi-touch marketing approach!

Ready to start! What do I need to do?

Promoting via retargeting is now available for all our advertisers with any type of service.
If you are a fully-managed advertiser, please contact your personal manager today to setup your  retargeting ad campaigns.
If you are running ads on our network as a self-service advertiser, log in to your advertiser account, go to the “Audiences” page and create New Audience.
Create new retargeting audience
Next, you should plaсe a small javascript pixel onto the pages you want to collect visitors from. When visitors come to this page, they’ll be added to the audience.
Now all you need to do is create a campaign that targets this audience.
Start retargeting campaign
Nothing’s simpler than just following this step-by-step instruction.
Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience with a personalized ads. So make it a part of your digital marketing strategy and watch it increase sales, improve advertising ROI and create conversions for your business!

Start retargeting today!

If you have any questions or need assistance – contact our support team from your account via Tickets or Live Chat.

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