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Push Notifications Webinar: 29 Tricky Questions You Asked

29 Question-You-Asked

Another webinar is over, and we are again meeting our traffic experts who gathered to answer all your tricky webinar questions. [Watch the webinar HERE]

Before we begin, we wanted to thank all of you who attended the webinar, asked questions, and made comments. Our team was excited to see such an interest in this event!

Let’s get back to business!

We received more than 70 questions throughout the webinar, but some questions were asked repeatedly. Out of them, we have selected the ones that got the most upvotes. As well, we decided not to cover the questions that were thoroughly explained in the course of the webinar – you can check out the Q&A session again on our YouTube channel.

Time to meet our experts, who will share their expertise on Push Notifications:

  • Eugene Bezrodny, Business Development Manager
  • Konstantin Volkov, Head of Affiliate Department
  • Andrey Veselov, Business Development Manager

And here’s our agenda for today. Go through all the topics  or pick the questions you are most interested in:



Andrew Franklin: You mentioned CTR is very high. What is a typical CTR for Push Notifications?

Konstantin: The CTR might vary depending on your vertical, product, season, and even time of the day or day of the week. As you can see, there are so many variables involved, and so many things have to line up for your campaign to get the clicks.

In other words, it’s really difficult to tell you with precision. But according to our calculations (very rough, because we are dealing with different verticals), the average CTR should be around 1%. Yet with good creatives it goes up tp 10%.

Nave Maimon: How many clicks count as a sufficient number of clicks when running CPC push campaign? In order for the campaign not to be sidelined?

Eugene: So how the algorithm works? First of all, let me emphasize the importance of your ads being engaging. The system prioritizes the ads that are bringing the most click volume because in this way an advertiser with better creatives and targeting can achieve greater results (I guess it’s obvious).

Secondly, we don’t want our publishers to be left aside. They wouldn’t be able to monetize their traffic if the ads, in return, are not bringing profit to advertisers. You remember that publishers are paid by advertisers, right?

So back to the number of clicks: it depends. To be exact, the main factors here are the GEOs you are targeting, and how well your competitors are doing. You are being compared to your “rivals” on an eCPM basis.

So let’s assume Advertiser A is getting 14 clicks per 1000 views, while Advertiser B can boast only 4 clicks per 1000 views. Advertiser A would have a higher eCPM, meaning his campaigns are more successful and would get more traffic from the system.

What I’m trying to say, as long as your campaigns are getting more clicks than your competitors – you wouldn’t get sidelined.

Lior Nagawker: How do you best advise to run the ads on your verticals in regards to image and text? Is there a manual on how to improve a CTR?

Konstantin: There’s no perfect formula for creating a top-performing ad. A must here is to understand what your audience wants to see. If they don’t click – they are not interested, as easy as that.

How can you improve your CTR? Change creatives more often, experiment, A/B test. But definitely, we will work on more materials dedicated to improving the CTR.

Bartek Kost: If my campaign is profitable, how to make it stable if CTR is dropping?? Which emojis work on Android?

Andrey: If your CTR is dropping, it’s time to refresh your creatives. I believe we discussed the crucial role of creatives enough during the webinar. Another reason for CTR to drop can be that the bids need your attention – maybe your competitors are outbidding you. And, finally, targeting – the audience you are aiming to reach might be too narrow to drive decent results.

As for emojis – technically all kinds of emojis are supported on Android. But again, the choice of the appropriate type is yours.


Andre Kanu: Any plans to segment by category/interest?

Eugene: Currently – no, but as we are receiving lots of requests, we might consider this option in future.

Victor Mejia: Do you offer retargeting?

Andrey: As for now, we don’t have retargeting on Push Notifications, but we are going to introduce it very soon.  Meanwhile, try retargeting on OnClick.

Ina Selivanova: Do you have age targeting? Is it legal to advertise betting to people younger than 18?

Konstantin: There were so many questions about age targeting! As for now, it’s not in our plans to add this feature to the SSP.

Yet, this reply often leads to even more questions asked by conscientious advertisers and marketers. Our clients are generally confused about whether they are violating the law or not, assuming that age targeting is the only way to stay on the legal side while promoting products like betting.

However, we forget that even social media platforms cannot provide a 100% guarantee that minors won’t access certain products. So we always recommend placing a warning on your creatives, restricting the age.

Andrew Franklin: You said that your audience size is 60 M. What is the geographic distribution of your 60 M users? How many of them are in the U.S.?

Eugene: In the U.S., we have approximately 5+ Million users. Other countries that are currently topping our list:

  •  Brazil
  •  India
  •  France
  •  Germany
  •  Italy
  •  Spain
  •  Columbia

Overall, Tier-3 traffic volumes often prevail over Tier-2 and Tier-1 traffic.

Ievgen Ishchuk: What kind of targeting do you guys have? Is there any place to check placements beforehand? Talking of Chinese, how many of those sites are Chinese (ratio)?

Andrey: We have all basic geo, device, and language targeting, and a new targeting option – user activity levels, helping our advertisers to adjust their strategies according to audience engagement level.

As for China, we can see that it’s gaining traction, yet as for now, China’s traffic volumes are far from leaders like Brazil or India. To know for sure – check the estimator.

Debbie Warford: Can I send a message to a certain area within a city, for instance, a certain building in Dallas?

Konstantin: Although you can target cities, we don’t offer such a granular targeting as the one based on specific physical address.


Sebastian Roesing: Will something like {city} macro be available for Push ads (title and description)?

Konstantin: We have come across many requests for macros (specifically for Push Notifications), so I guess we will start working on that in the near future. Meanwhile, you can use sets of macros available for the OnClick format.

Yordan Dyakov: What do you mean by ”different ad zones”, is that for mobile?

Eugene: In regards to Push Notifications, ad zones are subscribers of the certain websites. However, let me repeat it again, limiting ad zones while optimizing Push Notifications campaign is not often effective, because a user is interacting with an ad on the device rather than on a website.

Andrei Andrei: If the user was using a VPN (for example, US VPN) when he subscribed to Push Notifications, but after this, the user will use his original connection (for example, DE IP address), this user will receive US adverts or DE adverts later?

Konstantin: Once the geographical location has changed, the system automatically adjusts, and this user starts getting German ads.

Victor Mejia: What are some of the compliance restrictions?

Andrey: We don’t have any “exotic” restrictions, we simply follow industry and legal guidelines. In short, misleading ads, adult 18+, and some types of offers are forbidden, you can find full information in our advertising policy.

Platon Roshchupkin: Is it possible to use gif banner in Push Notification?

Eugene: In Push Notifications – no. This is a very user-friendly, non-intrusive format and, we want to keep it that way 🙂 For everyone’s good.

Lior Nagawker: Can a user get my Ad twice a day?

Konstantin: Yes, it’s possible. It would depend on your frequency capping. Yet, we don’t recommend sending the same creative over and over again. As we mentioned during the webinar, test various creatives not to bore your audience to tears.

Krzysztof Isbrandt: What kind of anti-fraud solutions do you have in place to minimize the risk of malicious/fraudulent traffic?

Andrey: You’ve raised a very important question. We have an entire department developing a fraud prevention system. This system uses predictive analytics and identifies suspicious patterns to shut down ad fraud. I’m not allowed to disclose details as, obviously, we don’t want fraudsters to use this knowledge against us. The bottom line here is that our advertisers are fully protected 🙂


Ahmed Fawzy: How can affiliates track cost on Voluum (spending on Push Notifications campaigns)?

Konstantin: That’s easy, first you can manually add campaign cost to Voluum’s statistics. Also you can add the price per click (you CPC bid) to the tracking link – Voluum is using a “cost” parameter. If you have issues with that, I believe Voluum’s support team can assist you.

Gene Morris: Do you need a tracker like Voluum to make this work?

Eugene: Look, you can easily start advertising without a tracker, we have built-in conversion tracking on our platform – so the basic functionality is here. However, in my professional opinion, the tracker is a must. The more you know about your campaigns, your audience – the better. And paid trackers give you exhaustive information on how you spend your money.

Andrei Andrei: How to spy on Push Notification advertising competitors? Are there any spy services available?

Konstantin: You can’t spy on Push Notifications campaigns of your competitors – and that’s one of the biggest advantages of this format, it gives you an edge in our industry: you can’t spy, but at the same time, no one can “steal” your ideas and creatives. More about Spy Tools.


Ben Shirazi: Why don’t you introduce the SmartCPM model to the Push Notifications ads?

Andrey: Simply because CPC bidding for display ad formats is much more profitable for both advertisers, and publishers, and we don’t see big market potential in this move.

Andrei Andrei: What are the recommended bids for Tier 1/2/3 for Push Notifications? Could you give some CPM examples?

Konstantin: As we’ve already mentioned, we strongly recommend CPC model for Push Notifications. Here are the average prices per click:

  • Tier 3 – from $0.001
  • Tier 2 – from $0.01 – $0.05
  • Tier 1 – from $0.05 to $0.12

Yet, keep in mind that prices are dynamic and change daily. To get exact figures we recommend using our traffic estimator (you can find it in campaign creator).

 Traffic estimator_webinar questions

Tiago Carneiro: If I generate 2 Push Notifications: one with CPM and another with CPC, will I get the same traffic sources/zones for both campaigns?

Eugene: You will get similar audiences, but no one can guarantee that you’ll reach the very same user with both CPM and CPC campaigns.

Ad zones are equally available to all advertisers, no matter what bidding model you are using. Nevertheless, there are apparent differences in results, stemming from the principles of functioning.

With CPM, you are getting more traffic, but with CPC you are getting users, who are really interested in your product.


Zoltan Polla: What is the usual EPC on Push Native for Ecommerce products? Do many people see significant success with Ecommerce product selling?

Andrey: EPC (Earnings Per Click) would depend on GEO, meaning that in India and in Italy the value would be different.

Overall, eCommerce offers are going overwhelmingly well: all kind of beauty and nutrition products. For example, a lot of our affiliates are now targeting Thailand with tea and slimming products – you could see similar examples during our webinar.

Ievgen Ishchuk: How do you check the quality of your pubs?

Konstantin: We have an intellectual algorithms in place, anti-fraud protection – in fact, all kinds of technological means to ensure that we are dealing with real people. These steps help us maintain a high quality of traffic.

If we didn’t answer something you wanted to hear about, post your question in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to find an answer for you.


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