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Conversion Tracking Improved: Explore New Traffic Tokens for OnClick Campaigns

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Which campaigns are most effectively bringing you paying customers?

To answer this question with precision, you need to get more customer intelligence, and PropellerAds has just enhanced the range of tracking options for one of the best performing ad formats – Popunder ads.

Now you can evaluate the effectiveness of your OnClick campaigns, using 13 new dynamic tags (aka “traffic tokens”) to track the data that affects your results.

{device} – Model of the user’s device
{browser} – User’s browser
{browserversion} – Version of the user’s browser
{os} – User’s operating system
{osversion} – Version of the user’s operating system
{country} – User’s country in two-letter code
{countryname} – Name of the user’s country
{region} – Name of the user’s region
{isp} – Name of the user’s ISP
{useragent} – User’s raw user-agent
{language} – Language of the user’s browser
{connection.type} – User’s connection type
{carrier} – Name of the user’s mobile carrier

These tokens were added to the previously available ones:

{zoneid} – ID of the ad zone where the ad is displayed
{campaignid} – ID of the campaign
${SUBID} – Unique ID for tracking conversions

A traffic token (also referred as a “macros” or “dynamic tag”) is a dynamically generated variable that is used to track user information.

What are the benefits of using traffic tokens?

1. Simplify your data collection process

Instead of manually creating separate target URLs for each parameter, you can now have only one universal link that tracks all the data you are interested in. Aggregate data in one place, for example, a third-party tracking system, and break down the performance of each campaign.

New traffic tokens

Don’t forget to include ${SUBID} to pass unique ID of a visitor to your tracking system.

2. Integrate with analytics services

Traffic tokens can be used in conjunction with performance analytics tools like Voluum, Thrive, Adsbridge, BeMob, PeerClick, TrackingDesk, NewBidder.

We advise you to be careful with Google Analytics (GA) as our clients report significant discrepancies in traffic data between GA and paid tracking services.

3. Get to know what’s working

As simple as that! You can determine if your landing page is converting users from your target audience. That gives you broader possibilities for campaigns optimization and shortens the testing time. Coordinate your marketing efforts and define what traffic segments are worth focusing on.

To sum up, traffic tokens are an underlying solution that can bring all the tracking data together in order to improve the overall efficacy of advertising campaigns.

How to use PropellerAds’s traffic tokens?

Using traffic tokens is extremely easy and doesn’t require special programming skills. Follow our simple instructions here to integrate traffic tokens into your tracking service.

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P.S. Want to learn more about OnClick ads and tracking solutions? Watch our FREE webinar, spelling out how you can optimize your Onclick campaigns.


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