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Hit the Right Audience with City Targeting

targeting by city

What is the essential part of every successful advertising campaign?

Besides powerful creative ideas and right timing, you might also think of proper budgeting, needed to scale up your ad campaign.

But what actually makes all the difference is the true focus on your target audience. And we are here to help you reach the right people with even more precise location targeting. In addition to country-level targeting, we’ve enhanced our advertising campaign settings with Targeting by City. This is a new option, enabling PropellerAds’ advertisers to target their offers at specific cities.

In essence, geo-targeting is a way to restrict your audience to a certain area, and it’s a sure-fire way to maximize your ad efficiency.

The benefits of the City Targeting

  • Cut your ad expenses. Advertise only in the areas where your product is available.
  • Allocate your budget to the best performing location. Your campaign performance depends heavily on population size and the competition within the area.
  • Tailor your ads and landing pages to match the area. City-specific ads usually have a higher CTR rate.
  • Hide your campaigns from competitors. Test new offers or products, while preventing your competitors from seeing your ads.

How does City Targeting work?

To target a specific area, you have to select a country, and then proceed with typing the name of the city. You will see your suggested cities start to appear.

Targeting by city

On the right, you will see the traffic estimator, indicating the expected number of impressions and the maximum CPM bid.

City targeting_Estimator

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